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Our family likes to participate in the Race for the Cure in honor of Aunt Cathy, and so this year before swim lessons, we headed off to enjoy the kids fun run.  We had a blast and got to honor some amazing survivors, like Mama’s friend Ms. Mindy!  Abby was reluctant to race, preferring the bounce house– Emma Grace was beyond excited and ran at least 4 times and Lilly was a bit confused by the whole thing…

FamilyRace4Cure AbbyStormy GraceMustache GracewinsRace LillyRace

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Family Beach week

Our family went to the beach this week and it was awesome!  It was a great chance to see Uncle Mike before he and Aunt Mary Bess move to Austin, and to get in some boat rides, wave jumping and fishing, of course.  Abby caught her first fish, which was very exciting!  Lilly worked on jumping waves (prompting the grown up she was with “ready, jump”– this may or may not have coincided with actual wave jumping) and showed us that she LOVES the water, just like her big sisters.  Now we’ve just got to figure out when we’ll get back down to the beach!

girls in sunglasses and life jackets

Lilly and Abby are ready for their boat ride!

Mama, Abby, Grace and Lilly dug a 'bath tub' and enjoyed playing in the sand

Mama, Abby, Grace and Lilly dug a ‘bath tub’ and enjoyed playing in the sand

Sitting on the dock dipping our toes in

Grace is the wave riding champ!


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At the roller rink!

To celebrate how well the scouts did at their cookie sales, Grace’s troop decided to go to Innerskate for Girl Scout Day!  She had a great time skating around (and fell down less than Mama did!).  Her favorite part was the bounce house that they had set up in the middle of the floor, I think.  As you can see, she had a pretty good time (although I think that she was tired of me taking pictures) with her girl scout friends!

Skating Skating1

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Girl Scout Cookie time!

So one of the great things about Emma Grace being a girl scout is that she’ll be selling cookies!  She and her friends got to go to Artistic Gymnastics and enjoy some cookies and get totally pumped about the cookie sale!  Mama’s a bit worried about selling cookies to everyone she knows, but Grace is just excited.  Abby’s pretty jealous that she doesn’t get to be a girl scout (yet) and sell cookies, but for now, it’s going to be a wild (fun!) ride!

Troop 4399 at cookie rally

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Santa Train

We love going to Pullen Park for the annual Holiday Express– it’s fun to see Santa (unless you ask Lilly who did NOT think that part was fun AT ALL), to do all kinds of arts and crafts, to get to play in the ‘snow’– (Daddy was the hardest to get away from the sledding activity) and to enjoy Pullen Park all decorated for Christmas!  While Mama took about 100 pictures, of everyone doing the fun stuff, we’ll stick to just one of the whole family….family photo with family in frame with Christmas lights attached

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Christmas parade!

I’m not sure if I mentioned that recently Emma Grace joined a girl scout troop– well she did!  I wanted to add a quick picture of Emma Grace with her friend Seraphena at the Garner Christmas Parade representing their Daisy troop.  It was a little rainy, so the other troop members didn’t come, but Emma Grace and Seraphena had a blast throwing candy and waving to the town folk (almost all of Garner comes out for the Christmas parade).  Of special note was the joy with which Abby & Lilly greeted Grace as she walked by– she’s our own super star as far as they are concerned!Daisy girl scouts holding sign

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Emma Grace started taking karate lessons in September, and they had a professional photographer come recently to photograph our girl in action– check it out!Girl in karate uniform kicking

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