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Abby is getting so very big! It’s hard to think that she’s 6 months old and growing so very fast! She’s eating rice cereal and working hard on crawling (Mama keeps telling her that she can take her time) and loves to laugh at her sister’s antics.

Cute and chipper!

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Abby is growing so well– size 3-6 months, almost into size 1 baby shoes and trying very hard to sit up. She’s very vocal and likes to smile (not that you can tell in this picture…) So here’s our 2 month photo…

Trying to sit up

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Abby and Jessica Bear got to spend some quality time together. This was because Mama is still on maternity leave and so often does not know the date. Therefore, we took a wonderful Jessica Bear picture yesterday, but because we were a day early, we took one today too, and then when Grace got home, she wanted to take a picture too, so lots of Jessica pictures.

Jessica Bear, Take 1 (3/28)

Jessica Bear, Take 2 (3/29)

And now for comparison, pictures with both girls and Jessica. It should be noted that Grace has lots of energy while Abby has opted to sleep through her last photo shoot. (“I’ve seen this bear several times before– no need to get excited” says Abby)

Two very different energy levels...

I *LOVE* Jessica Bear!

And we’ll close with some sisterly affection– or is that a headlock?

Hug or headlock? It's hard to tell.

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