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Not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but Grace has a bunch of hiccups.  They come and go, as hiccups tend to do.  At first, we were either surprised or concerned, but now it seems like it’s part of the breastfeeding ball game.  Personally, I hate hiccups – since they’re involuntary and disruptive spasms.  I suppose nobody likes them.  If you’re around 23 inches tall, it pretty much rocks your world.  Are there cures?  Maybe.  Not for a 3.5 week old though.  I now understand at the smallest scale how parents want to prevent problems for their kids and absorb their suffering.

If we’re talking about hiccups this way, wait until I teach her how to ride a bike.  Skinned knees are pretty much unavoidable.  — and Bactine is usually NOT welcomed by kids.

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So because we are planning to exclusively breast feed Grace, we purchased a baby scale in order to make sure that she’s gaining weight as she should.  Today after her bath (a word which she has begun to associate with torture if you listen to her cries) we placed our dear daughter on the scale to see if she’s gaining as she should be.  What we didn’t bargain for was the fact that she was wet and angry and *very* squirmy.  So my best guess is that she’s somewhere between 9 and 1/2 and 10 lbs, but where precisely, I have no clue.  I’m guessing more towards the 9 and 1/2 side of things, but I can’t be sure.  In whatever case, that’s better than Monday at the doctors when she was 9 lbs 1 oz.; they said that once she started gaining that we should look for her to gain about an ounce a day.  Basically while I’m not super reassured, it seems that she’s growing as she should and we’re not starving her (although if you talk with her just before a feeding, you might get a different story….)

Speaking of feeding, our Grace calls…

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Many folks mentioned that breast feeding was going to be a challenge, so I expected it.  What I didn’t expect was the horror of finding blood (from me) in my daughter’s spit up.  The initial challenge of latch presented itself, and most of the time, I think that we’re doing okay.  However, after two nights of epic feeding sessions to try to get her to sleep (i.e. two hours of 20 minutes of feeding, lay her down, she screams, I feed her again, rinse & repeat) I decided that I needed to get some suggestions from veteran Moms.

We drove up to North Raleigh this morning and met in an Episcopal church’s nursery discussing the benefits of breastfeeding and then any questions from the group.  I was very reassured that as long as she’s having sufficient wet/dirty diapers that means that she’s eating enough.  I was also reassured that when they say that she should have 3 bowel movements a day that anything in her diaper the size of a quarter or larger counts.

All in all it was useful to find out that I shouldn’t try pumping until she’s 6 weeks old in order to avoid nipple confusion.  They even referred me to a group of nursing Moms who work and meet in the evenings.  I hope that the reassurances that I got today that just because there is initial discomfort when she latches doesn’t mean that we’re ‘doing it wrong’.  I look forward to the time when we’ve got a few weeks under our belt and she’s gaining steadily and there are no more tears during latch & I know that she’s getting what she needs from me.  ‘Cause there is nothing more sweet in this world than her deep blue eyes staring up at me as she nurses and makes her sweet contented baby noises.

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