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Based on responsibilities at different locations, I took Grace to school while Erin took Abby and Lilly to Day Care.  Grace and I were leaving a few moments before them.  Erin was nursing Lilly.  Grace and I completed the departure ritual — don’t forget the backpack with lunch, got in the car.  In the meantime, Abby watched us leaving without realizing that she was heading to Day Care with her Mom.

In a soft and sincere voice:  “Daddy, please don’t forget me….”

I smiled knowing that no matter what, I won’t.


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The girls had such a good time visiting Cousin Mary Bedford at Davidson.  She and her accapella group, the Deliah’s were singing, and the girls loved having a front row seat!  Uncle Greg also loved seeing his old stomping grounds and showing the girls where he lived.  We also got to have an awesome brunch at Toast Cafe!

We can’t wait to visit again!


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