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What’s reasonable?

“Daddy, did you know that I’m the smartest one in the family?”

“How do you figure that, Grace?”

“Well, Mommy is just a little stupid.”

“Huh? Why’s that?”

“Cause she doesn’t always agree with me.”

“Ohhh, I gotcha.  Anything more?”

“You’re medium stupid.”   [I then wondered if I should be happy or sad with that comment?]  …”Abby is mostly stupid.”  [I need not ask for additional clarification.]  — Lilly is the most stupid.  She can’t even talk.”

“Well, Grace, I think Lilly talks in her own way.  She cries when she’s hungry, or she’s scared, or frustrated, or wet, or sleepy, or lonely, right?  — Maybe it’s Lilly who’s the “smartest,” and we just can’t understand her?”

“Daddy, I think that’s a dumb idea.  Anyway, that just leaves me, so I’m the smartest!”

After she quickly turned to play with dolls, I thought for a moment.  Do I have a better argument?  Something more rational, valid, or logically derived?  Nah, I got nothing today.  But does that make me stupid?

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Good Priorities

To Grace:  “Honey, could you please help me find that bowl of melted ice-cream?”

To Daddy: “Sure Daddy, but isn’t finding Abby more important?”

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