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Grace has been taking swim lessons at the YMCA for the past few weeks and Saturday, she put her face in the water to count fish and blow bubbles! We are so proud of our little swimmer!  Now I have echos of “Soldier, Monkey, Airplane!” in my head from all the elementary backstroke practice…. perhaps by the end of lessons next week, Grace will know a swim stroke!  So exciting!


Abby is quite jealous of things and really hates having to wait on the side of the pool because she’s to little for lessons.  We do try to go to the NC State pool every weekend to let Abby get some water time too– she LOVES blowing bubbles in the water, and both girls think that showering in the locker rooms is very grown up!

However, on Saturday the way we ‘made it up’ to Abby was a trip to Petsmart, where both girls got to hold kitties and play with puppies (in addition to oogling fish).  Fortunately, we haven’t gotten to much push back on the idea that we  have to wait a while to have a pet (although with Wake County’s kill shelter overcrowding and at capacity this weekend, the pleas of friends on facebook make it hard to ignore the squeals of delight the girls give when they get ‘kisses’ from all the dogs).

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