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December is always a busy month for the Robinson household.  This year we’ve had Disney on Ice “Rockin’ Ever After” (not quite as good as last year’s “Dare to Dream”); the Nutcracker (just as good as last year) and the annual Christmas pageant.

Two princesses

Two princesses

Grace was disappointed this year not to get to join the dancers on stage at the Nutcracker, but loved being able to go with her good friend Alyssa who lives across the street.  Grace decided that if she practices extra hard this year in Ms. Dawn’s class that she’ll be able to be on stage next year.  Mama tried to explain that it might be a few more years, but Grace was not dissuaded.

The annual Christmas pageant was as funny as it’s been in years past– Grace did great as an angel and Abby was a wonderful reluctant sheep.  All of the ‘farm animals (AKA the 3 and under set) were encouraged to crawl up the isle with 2 teenagers sent as ‘keepers’.  The keepers were armed with M&Ms to encourage good behavior.  Abby was a reluctant sheep and would wait at each pew for her M&M, but did eventually crawl to the front of the church.

And now we are down at Oak Island enjoying time with Uncle Mike & Aunt Mary Bess, Grandpa, Uncle Chris & Uncle Alex.  The girls have also been delighted to get to spend time with Bish-Bish, Great Aunt Jenny & Great Grandma Emmy.  We are all looking forward to Christmas, and then on the 27th, we are delighted to host Christmas for the Robinson family with Pee-Paw coming for dinner and Aunt Cathy & Cousin Mary Bedford staying for a few days.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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