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Logical, right?

After a hard workout yesterday, my body told me that I’d been away from the courts a bit too long.  (Hey, at least I remembered where the gym was though.)

When Grace asked me why I was limping, I told her that I played a game called squash today for the first time.   After about an hour, she came into the den to look again at my bruised leg, and she said, “Daddy, I don’t think you should play smush anymore.”

Smart kid!

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Daddy, what are you doing?

Hey, Sweetheart.  Not too much.  What are you doing?

I am walking around and looking for you.

Well, you found me. What’s up?

Daddy, will you marry me?

Without pausing, I responded, “Honey, I’m already married to Mommy.  One day, you’ll meet somebody, and I’ll get to meet him.  He’ll be a very nice guy who loves you very much.  He’ll make you happy; he’ll make you laugh; and you may even get married some day.

I then gave Grace the biggest bear hug I could and kissed her gently on the head.  “Grace, I love you bunches and bunches, and I always will.”

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