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Splash Day!


ImageIt is HOT outside, and the only way to deal with the heat is to get out and play in the water!  Abby had an awesome time with her friends and showed us that she’s destined to be an Olympic swimmer (or at least a pool bum) if her joy in water is any indication at all!


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Just after the 1 mile run

It was a wonderful day– we got to run a mile (Mama & Grace came in at 11:55; Daddy & Abby were a little bit behind) and then watch Grace come in 2nd of all the 3 year olds in their race to give Stormy a hug.

Waiting to give Stormy a hug

And Grace still had plenty of energy to run away and jump in the bounce house.

And off again!

What a great day!

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The girls had so much fun tonight at Landon’s birthday party– even rain can’t hold back a great party! There was a great deal of joy over face painting, special balloons and of course, cupcakes! Who can argue with being transformed into being a butterfly? The only down side was that Grace refused to wash her face, so I’m confident that we’ll be doing laundry tomorrow morning as I’m pretty sure that lovely butterfly will be a part of her sheets when she wakes up.

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