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One of Grace’s great loves (besides dancing) is singing. She loves to find out that a family member has a birthday because she is ALL.ABOUT.THE.BIRTHDAY.SONG. She even sang it for my friend Deb earlier this month, someone she’s met about 3 or 4 times. She just can’t get enough. So when she found out that it was Cathy’s birthday, once she got beyond being upset at not being invited to the birthday party, she was all about singing a little song for her aunt. Here’s to many more happy birthdays!

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You know it’s a good Memorial Day weekend when you can say that you’ve had water (in the form of a boat ride), watermelon & waves! Abby particularly LOVED the waves and was quite angry to be taken away when it was nap time! I see lots more days of fun on the beach in our future!

Abby LOVES the waves!

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Dance Recital

Grace’s recital was quite the event!  The show was sold out (only 6 tickets per family) and Grace sure did “shake a tailfeather” like the song promised.  Here she is after the event in her tap outfit.  She was so excited to get her fingernails painted and her makeup done!Image

She was also VERY proud of her trophy!Image

While Abby stayed home with a babysitter to enjoy bedtime, the rest of the family wanted to document this exciting time with a quick photo.


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Who knew that even small people could race for the cure? Grace is going to participate in the Kids for the Cure run, and she’s so excited! She’s a pretty good runner, and what better to do than raise money in celebration of her Aunt Cathy? So if you’re up for it, help Ms. Grace with her first fundraiser! http://tinyurl.com/SeeGraceRace

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