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We are very fortunate that Raleigh has lots of wonderful parks. The crowned jewel of these is Pullen Park, which has been newly rennovated and the carousel, children’s boats and train are now open for business again. The entire family had a blast riding and enjoying the lovely day. While these pictures are all of Grace, that’s because Abby wasn’t interested in having her picture taken and looks odd in all of the snapshots. She’s not quite as excited about the choo-choo train as Grace and the music on the carousel was pretty loud in her opinion, so we got no good pictures of Abby enjoying her day, but I assure you, there were parts that she did like, and she REALLY wanted to ring the bell on Grace’s boat. Mama had to let her know that she’d have to wait until next year for that treat.

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Flower girl

Today Grace got a wonderful present in the mail from her Uncle Mike and (soon-to-be) Aunt Mary Bess. Grace is so excited to be a flowergirl, and is really looking forward to their big day!

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Grandpa gave Gracie a cool present for Christmas and today Daddy took the opportunity to show Grace how much she might enjoy the game.

Daddy shows off his soccer skills

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