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Today Grace and Abby went to their first parade. It was a HUGE success and even Mama and Daddy enjoyed it because a small town parade is a glorious thing. Half of Garner was IN the parade and the other half of us watched. Grace passed up the opportunity to be in the parade with her dance studio this year, but said that she thought that maybe next year that would be fun. Of course, when it was pointed out that she would not get candy but would have to throw it instead, her enthusiasm waned somewhat. Unfortunately Mama can’t find her camera right now, so there are no pictures (not sure how to take the photos I snapped on my phone off) but rest assured it was something to behold. Highlights included: 5 dance troupes stopping periodically to dance, 3 marching bands, one martial arts studio (which also stopped periodically to do routines), a bunch of folks steppin’, the Garner Senior Center (mad props to the lady in front who walked the ENTIRE parade route with a hula hoop around her waist), multiple churches with flatbed trailers full of the Nativity scene and a few various beauty queens in convertibles. And, of course, Santa. And, surprisingly, a VERY fast train.

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