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My my, time flies! Here is Jessica’s picture with Abby for this month. Grace also wanted to get in on the action (but who’s surprised about that?! :-D)

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Marbles Kids Museum is one of our favorite hangouts when we have free times. While Abby is a bit young for some areas, she loved playing in the “underwater room” with Grace. Grace LOVES the water table, and the girls loved playing together in the infant play area. Much fun was had by all!

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So much fun!

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Here’s a picture of us right before we headed off to St. James the Fisherman church for the children’s service. It was interesting to ‘wrangle’ two children during the service (no nursery) it was a great joy to have the children involved in something that is part of many wonderful memories of years past for me.

The ladies at Christmas Eve

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Seeing Santa!

Today was the North Carolina Museum of Art’s annual visit from Santa! This was our first time attending, but we had so much fun making ornaments and hearing Christmas stories (and Kwaanza stories and Hanukkah stories too) that we’ll be back next year, I’m sure! Grace loved dancing to the music that the band near the information table about Hanukkah was playing, and Daddy loved seeing the Rembrandt exhibit!

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Today when Grace was playing, I asked her what she was doing and she said that *this* was Heaven. For posterity’s sake, I wanted to capture her version of Heaven at 3. Makes you think, really– what more does one need than a funny family all together? I could get behind this version of Heaven.

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Christmas Pageant

This year, the Christmas pageant was a little less eventful than last year; Grace was the littlest (and sleepiest, ’cause she was to excited to nap) angel. Abby opted to watch this year as the role of Baby Jesus had already been claimed by someone younger. She brought a sheep with her though, to get ready for her role next year.

The whole cast

After enacting the birth of Jesus, a girl can work up an appetite! We had a great time at the all parish pot luck but due to our nap-skipping girl had to miss out on the all parish caroling. Maybe next year!

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