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School pictures

We got school pictures back and we are quite impressed. The girls looked adorable and they very well might be the stars of our Christmas card this years since we neglected to take our annual Christmas card picture while at Thanksgiving…

School pictures

What, you wanted me to smile?

Don't I look sweet?

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Swiftly Passing.

A young lady suddenly appeared in the bathroom as I was shaving. She paused and made eye contact.

She spontaneously hit what I expect was a very high (and very loud) high C octave. An artistic scream, if you will. She then turned and dashed away in the blink of an eye.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t know quite what to expect in the mornings.

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This weekend was a great time in Asheville with Cousin Mary Bedford and Aunt Cathy. Mary Bedford’s singing group, Visions, was at the Grove Park Inn, and we were delighted to be able to not only see MB sing, but also visit with Uncle Chris and Uncle Alex and have dinner at the Grove Park Inn! What a wonderful weekend!

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While technically 11.02.2011 was the TRUE palindrome, the fact that it was 11.11.11 was also pretty cool, so cool in fact that Grace had to do a little dance. Many thanks to the teachers at pre-school for capturing this gem. As our friend Jen said upon getting the picture in our daily newsletter: “She’s a firecracker” No truer words have been spoken in quite some time.

Breakin' it down

Grace is cutting a rug with her pals in pre-school.

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