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Long term blog readers might recall that for Grace’s birthday, we brought a blow up bounce house. This was procured for the occasion, with the promise that it would be enjoyed many more times. Today was one of those times. Because of good behavior during the morning and being quiet so that each parent could take turns sleeping (stupid cold!) we pulled out the bounce house. This was the first time that Abby tried it out, but I think that she liked it– Grace sure liked the company!

I'm not quite sure about this....

Rolling around is so much fun!

Body slam or side hug? Hard to tell.

After a wonderful bounce in the morning (parents were not well enough to go to church and girls were excited to enjoy the sunshine) followed by lunch and a nap, the girls were delighted to get to go to the park in the afternoon while Daddy recuperated from his shift on kid duty. Grace was happy to tell Abby just how much fun the swings were.


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