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Readers may remember that often on Saturday mornings, we head to PetsMart to see the doggies (and kitties). It’s been a while since we’ve been, so imagine Grace’s surprise when all the dogs and cats were outside to greet her before she even walked in the door! (We still had to go inside to verify that all the doggies were indeed outside). A moment before I snapped this picture, Grace was getting ‘kissed’ by Shaggy the dog, but by the time I clicked, she’d moved on to Shaggy’s next door neighbor, who had on a ballerina costume– unfortunately, due to a wiggly baby, that camera picture did not come out well…

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Grace loves Monday evenings (and often on Tuesday and sometimes even Wednesday) will complain and cry in the car that it’s not dance class night. She asks if she’s going to get to be with the other princesses, and she practices spinning around at home. (Fortunately she has not yet figured out how her tap shoes might sound on the hardwood floors at home, and we plan to keep this knowledge from her for as long as we can!). For the first time, I brought the camera tonight, and was able to get a picture or two– previous weeks my phone couldn’t handle the glare on the window, and even this week, the glare from the ‘peanut gallery’ is evident.

Grace waiting for the ballet part of class to start

At the end of each session, each girl is given a moment or two to show off her moves. (Generally, this turns out to be 12 girls each taking a turn to spin around in a circle, but sometimes someone switches it up a bit). This blurry shot is the peanut gallery view of Grace ‘bustin’ a move’.

Showing her stuff

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Long term blog readers might recall that for Grace’s birthday, we brought a blow up bounce house. This was procured for the occasion, with the promise that it would be enjoyed many more times. Today was one of those times. Because of good behavior during the morning and being quiet so that each parent could take turns sleeping (stupid cold!) we pulled out the bounce house. This was the first time that Abby tried it out, but I think that she liked it– Grace sure liked the company!

I'm not quite sure about this....

Rolling around is so much fun!

Body slam or side hug? Hard to tell.

After a wonderful bounce in the morning (parents were not well enough to go to church and girls were excited to enjoy the sunshine) followed by lunch and a nap, the girls were delighted to get to go to the park in the afternoon while Daddy recuperated from his shift on kid duty. Grace was happy to tell Abby just how much fun the swings were.


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Abby has been mobile for quite some time, and is a very proficient crawler. Now, however, she’s moved on to pulling up on everything and even sometimes ‘cruising’ around. Much to soon for Mama, this little one will be on the move.

I make standing up look good...

While her sister is content navigating her way through the “FROG” (Fun room over the garage– bonus room to the uninitiated), Grace was excited to get to play at the park for a bit this afternoon while Abby napped. She was very excited to be able to wear her princess shirt and her fairies shoes. (Someone explain to me how I ended up with a princess?!) At least she’s pushing herself to climb to the top of things and play hard, even if she’s wearing all pink.

I'm going to be Queen (or at least princess) of the world!

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Farmer’s Market

We love to go to the Farmer’s Market. It’s taken on a whole new level of fun now that Abby is eating things like sweet potatoes, apples and squash. So we got all of those things plus watermelon and other favorites… Yay for the Farmer’s Market!

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Grace and Abby would (well, perhaps not Green Eggs and Ham)– they’d like each other in a box, anyway! Mama was working to get out the winter clothes as the seasons are changing and in North Carolina, one can never know if short sleeves or sweatpants are the best option on a daily basis, it was time to be prepared for any eventuality.

This is what changing out clothes looks like at the Robinson house… 😀

We're up to no good-- can't you tell?

This much cuteness should be illegal.

Boxes are *SO FUN*!

The age old question: Sisterly love or headlock?

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