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It’s Daddy’s birthday and Grace started the day off with song (despite having croup, she still managed to get the birthday song out). Grace picked out a special present just for Daddy and asked for Mommy’s help in making a cake. It ended up being key lime pie (Daddy’s favorite) but the thought was still there.

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Grace is a lucky girl. She got to celebrate her birthday not only at school and on the weekend at the park with her friends, but also a week later with her Great Aunt Jenny, Cousin Bish-Bish and Great Grandma Emmy.

Showing off her loot!

What's that?

Abby watches the excitement

Making sure that there's nothing left in the bag

A special blanket just for Gracie

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The many faces of Abby


Being cute is tiring!

Happy smiles!

More cuteness from the infant room. Hard to bypass the cuteness without a few pictures to share with you.

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Today dawned bright and beautiful and we headed to the park to get the bounce house blown up and all of the tables set… soon Gracie’s friends started to arrive and great fun was had by all!


Friends sliding and swinging

Being princess for the day has it's perks... 😀

Lots of presents!

Yummy pizza

AJ playing with Grace's pony

Bounce house fun!

Francis is wearing Daniel's helmet & riding Grace's bike

The birthday girl!

It was so much fun! Grace is already planning for her party next year!

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Hard to believe it, but Grace is 3! It’s been quite a ride so far, and Abby is well along her own path.

Back by popular demand is a list of images. We’ll divide into several posts (a) preschoolers, (b) her birthday party at the park, and (c) her /private/ birthday party with Aunt Jenny and Bish-Bish. Here’s the celebration on her *actual* birthday, at daycare. Great fun was had by all, and everyone appreciated the cupcakes.

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We had a great trip down to the beach for the end of the summer– last time playing hard on the beach, riding on the boat and even playing at the park.

Eyeing the ocean to busily to smile for Mama

Tasting sand

Abby loves her Grandpa!



Abby thinks that hats are dumb. But they taste good...

Beautiful boat ride

I'm gonna get you Daddy!

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