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When our family eats out with Grace’s godmother Cynthia, we always go to the same spot and so now when we drive past the El Cerro Grande, Grace asks if Cynthia lives there. We’ve finally established that Cynthia likes to eat there. This time when we visited while we waited for Cynthia, Grace and Daddy went next door to check out the Super 8, a landmark which elicits great joy every time we drive past it. (I’m not sure why this was chosen as a salient landmark, but each time we drive by, Grace happily crows “It’s the Super 8! Mama, Daddy, I see the Super 8!” and expects us to confirm that we, too, see the Super 8).

Grace loves the books that Cynthia gave her as an early birthday present!

I *love* avacado!

Kisses from Buck-the-dog

I *love* to drive!

Abby loves dogs too!

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Abby is getting so very big! It’s hard to think that she’s 6 months old and growing so very fast! She’s eating rice cereal and working hard on crawling (Mama keeps telling her that she can take her time) and loves to laugh at her sister’s antics.

Cute and chipper!

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Grace was a big brave girl today and was able to have her first dentist appointment. She got a sticker for doing such a good job keeping her pearly whites so pearly and white. So now she’s moved on to big girl toothpaste that she has to spit out. She’s growing up so fast!

Keeping cool in the dentist chair

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Family portrait

Today at church our friend Anna was kind enough to snap a quick picture of the family. While the girls weren’t smiling, everyone was looking at the camera (after several takes) so we’ll take it!

The whole family

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Abby was so very cute and verbal this morning; I had to snap a picture!

I'm going to get you!

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At the doctor

Who's that?

Abby was checking herself out this morning at the doctor’s office… even when she’s not feeling great, she’s still curious. Boo on colds that no one can do anything about!

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Beach babes!

We had so much fun playing on the beach and riding on the boat! It was great to see Great Grandma Emmy and King at the beach; a special treat in addition to seeing Grandpa, Nola and Rocky.

Sand in my shoes

Abby's slathered up and soaking up the sun!

Family resemblance?

Abby loves riding with Emmy on the boat!

Always in motion!

Yay for beautiful weekends at the beach!

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The girls got to go and see Great Grandma Emmy and had a blast playing with Bish-Bish, Greatest Aunt Jenny, Great Uncle Larry and of course, King, Emmy’s dog. They even got to meet the new priest at Great Grandma Emmy/Great Aunt Jenny’s church– an occasion which allowed Grace to wear her first pair of heels (a very small heel, but a heel nonetheless), quickly dubbed her Princess shoes.

Playing with King

Aunt Jenny is one of Gracie's favorites!

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