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Tomorrow, Pee-Paw will be undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. We’ve tried to explain this to Grace and she understands that Daddy is with Pee-Paw who is in the hospital so that the doctor can make his heart all better. So last night during prayers, when Grace got to the portion of her prayers where we mention Pee-Paw, she explained to God that he was in the hospital so that the doctor could make his heart all better so that it would go ‘tha-thump, tha thump’ like ours. She’s such a sweet little person, she melts my heart.


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Abby & Mama are in Texas visiting Mama’s friend Lisa and Daddy is in Winston-Salem visiting Pee-Paw so Grace was fortunate enough to visit her lobster, Great Aunt Jenny… what a happy girl!

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Happy 4th of July from the Robinsons (and Petersons).

Grandpa and his girls!

To celebrate, we headed down to the beach where we got to play with Great Grandma Emmy, Grandpa and Bish-Bish. Gracie even got to try tubing! (Of course she returned from the ride and confided in Great Grandma Emmy “I was scared to death!”). Because it was so crowded on the waterways, we’re hoping that sometime later this summer she’ll try it again and have a little more fun. When Daddy had his turn he sure had a blast! 😀

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