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Adorable. Not that I'm biased.

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Grace and Abby (and Mama) had a great time at Marbles for Archita’s birthday party… the bar is being set rather high as Grace’s 3rd birthday approaches…

What birthday cake on my face?

Playing trains with Carlos

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Hard to think that we’re ready for a 5th Jessica Bear picture, but it’s true! Grace wanted to get in on the action too, ’cause anything Abby is doing is cool to Grace right now.

I love being 5 months old!

Sisters with Jessica

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All of the Robinson women were glad to get home to see Daddy– Abby just got caught on camera…

Yay for Daddy!

Also, tonight Uncle Alex stopped by our house to join us for dinner before heading up to begin a new job; Grace was very excited to see her godfather again so soon after our last visit!

Uncle Alex!

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Today is GG’s 90th birthday, and while we couldn’t be in Charlottesville to celebrate, Grace picked out a singing card that she was sure that GG would like. We hope to make our way up to Charlottesville later this year when life calms down a bit.

For now, today was spent tubing even though Grace is unsure about it at best. We’ve got many years to get her totally into tubing.

Grace goes tubing!

The girls and Aunt MB (Abby's under the towel)

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While Daddy is with Pee-Paw in Winston-Salem, we are fortunate enough to be able to visit the beach where Grandpa, Uncle Alex, Uncle Chris, Uncle Mike and soon-to-be Aunt Mary Bess are staying. In addition to those familiar faces, Great Aunt Claire and her family (Cousin Bill, Penny, Laura, Will and Cousin Lisa) are also visiting, so the next few days promise to be full of fun and sunshine!

Grace with Grandpa and Great Aunt Claire

Abby at the beach

Abby tries out for World's Cutest Baby (with assistance from Uncle Chris)


Abby loves Aunt Mary Bess almost as much as her fingers!

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Gracie gets to visit Bish-Bish all by herself this weekend; what a big girl! While she’s enjoying time with her Bish-Bish, Abby and Mama will join Daddy in Winston-Salem to check in on Pee-Paw in the hospital. On our way to Winston-Salem, we stopped to take a picture of the girls at Bish-Bish’s house.

Robinson women, ready to take on the world!

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Tomorrow, Pee-Paw will be undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. We’ve tried to explain this to Grace and she understands that Daddy is with Pee-Paw who is in the hospital so that the doctor can make his heart all better. So last night during prayers, when Grace got to the portion of her prayers where we mention Pee-Paw, she explained to God that he was in the hospital so that the doctor could make his heart all better so that it would go ‘tha-thump, tha thump’ like ours. She’s such a sweet little person, she melts my heart.

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Abby & Mama are in Texas visiting Mama’s friend Lisa and Daddy is in Winston-Salem visiting Pee-Paw so Grace was fortunate enough to visit her lobster, Great Aunt Jenny… what a happy girl!

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Happy 4th of July from the Robinsons (and Petersons).

Grandpa and his girls!

To celebrate, we headed down to the beach where we got to play with Great Grandma Emmy, Grandpa and Bish-Bish. Gracie even got to try tubing! (Of course she returned from the ride and confided in Great Grandma Emmy “I was scared to death!”). Because it was so crowded on the waterways, we’re hoping that sometime later this summer she’ll try it again and have a little more fun. When Daddy had his turn he sure had a blast! 😀

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