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Grace and Abby’s cousin, Mary Bedford is participating in Governor’s School for Tennessee and it’s in Johnson City, which is quite close to Asheville. When Cathy found out that Sunday’s at Governor’s School were free days for the students, she planned for us to all gather in Asheville this weekend to enjoy some family time.

Saturday was spent going to the Health Adventure which is much like our beloved Marbles, hitting Mast General Store with Chris, Mike & MB and then heading to the Grove Park Inn to check in, have a nap, and spend some time with Aunt Cathy. Sunday morning we headed to the pool while Aunt Cathy went to pick up Mary Bedford and then we were able to have brunch with Uncle Chris, his girlfriend Megan, Uncle Mike and his fiancee Mary Bess (MB #2!) and of course Cathy & Mary Bedford. Grace ate 3 helpings of various treats– mini pancakes, watermelon- she tore up the buffet!

All in all it was a wonderful if short trip and we can’t wait to get up there again!

Abby at breakfast with Aunt Cathy

Enjoying the rocking chairs at the Grove Park Inn

At a waterfall at the Grove Park Inn with MB (Isn't it great to be cousins?!)

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Tonight was Grace’s first night trying out gymnastics. She loved it, but Mommy was reminded that the class is for 3-5 year olds and while Grace has good coordination for someone who’s *almost* 3, she’s far behind much of the class due to being VERY, very young. She still loved all of the jumping and walking and summersaulting, and is looking forward to more next week! Most of the pictures I took were blurry because Grace was *always* on the move!

Waiting for the trampoline

Balance Beam!

Swinging on the bar

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In honor of Father’s Day we went for a boat ride and stopped off to swim. What a sweet image– Abby kissing Daddy and Grace holding Grandpa’s hand. What wonderful Fathers are in this picture, and while we could not have Pee-Paw with us, he was in our hearts and is also another important father in this family. Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

Wonderful Daddies.

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Beach time!

The Robinsons were happy to be able to head to the beach a bit early having taken today off to beat the traffic. Everyone enjoyed their time in the sun and sand, and we’re looking forward to more beach and boat time this weekend!

Abby & Dad catch some rays

Playin' in the sand!

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So Abby rolled over and no one fell out and there was much cheering and clapping (which surprised Abby and brought Daddy into Grace’s room where Grace and Mommy were getting Grace’s shoes and socks on).

Abby had been on her back kicking her legs and trying, as she has been trying for a few weeks to turn over. Grace and Mama were encouraging her while getting pants, shirt, shoes, socks, etc. on. Daddy heard the commotion when the momentous event occurred and came to see what was going on– when we told him that Abby had rolled over all by herself, he immediately wanted a repeat performance. Unfortunately since it had taken Abby 15 minutes of rolling and kicking and otherwise flailing about, Daddy did not get his repeat performance, but we are so proud of Ms. Abby for rolling over! Once she was on her tummy she pushed up into a wonderful upward facing dog pose to show that she’s got lots of upper body strength and is already thinking forward to when she can crawl (right now she just spins circles in her crib for fun)… Watch out world, soon Abby will be on the move!

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We filled her pool with water and put it in the grass in the front yard. This, an extremely thrilling event, first took place with Aunt Jenny and Bish Bish. Thanks to them, the Garner Robinsons are fully equipped with a pool, ball, ring, a cup, four squirt guns, and a floating plastic cupcake.

She who holds the squirt guns determines who gets wet.

“Daddy, watch out! The fish might get wet!”

“Daddy, where is the Fathergun?” (watergun, sic) — Not sure what that means, but I’ll get one by prom night.

“Daddy, my squirt gun is empty.” — And? At first, I couldn’t see where the fill hole was, but I knew that I’d soon get a closer look at the water.

Honey, you always need to ask somebody if you can squirt them in the face, okay? Surprisingly, all parties observed that rule, although some of us actually requested a squirt in the face.

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