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Grace: Lip.

Some lip from the elder Robinson daughter this morning — literally and figuratively.

Grace was eating some peanut butter toast. Normally, she likes this. This morning, however, she was piddling around.

“Honey, could you finish your toast?”
— I have something in my mouth.

[Three minutes later] “Grace, how’s that toast coming?”
— Good. [ed note: spoken with total nonchalance. Not one bite taken]

“Grace, Mommy and Daddy need to go. Can Daddy eat your toast?”

Well, so it begins.

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Bear pictures

This month I realized belatedly that we’d be away on the 29th (picture day). Fortunately, Emmy has a bear, but for consistency, I took a picture today too.

3 months; take 1 with Emmy's bear

Happy to see Jessica (even if it is a day late)

And thanks so much to Emmy for playing host to us!

Abby showing Emmy some love!

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All smiles at seeing Pee-Paw!

Listening to stories with Pee-Paw

We were fortunate enough this long weekend to get to visit Pee-Paw and go to lunch, much to everyone’s delight.

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Grace’s friend Landon turned three this weekend and invited all of his daycare friends to join him at Marbles. Grace had a blast playing; she shopped, splashed, pretended to drive a submarine and pilot a pirate ship. It leaves quite a high standard for birthday’s to come… 😀

Driving the bus

"Underwater" with the birthday boy!

Playing in the water with her pal AJ

Eating cake with Ms. Jen & Daddy. Abby was disinterested.

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Abby has thrush (and an ear infection, poor unfortunate soul). So that means that she has a yeast infection in her mouth– yeast, milk– add some flour and she’s got bread! (We try to look in the bright side here at our house). Unfortunately her thrush combined with her ear infection makes it so that she doesn’t want to take a bottle, so we’re going to be hanging out tomorrow… As it turns out, Mama’s supposed to present at a conference tomorrow, so Abby will be in her carrier doing the presentation– hopefully she’ll sleep for most of the day, and seeing as she’s cute any crying spells will be forgiven. I mean a girl’s got to start working on her vita at some point; she’s just getting a jump on things.

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Today Abby was fortunate enough to be joined by her godparents for a celebration of her life in Christ. Afterwards the entire family enjoyed some good times at our house and good food was enjoyed by all. While the baptism got off to a slightly shaky start (the guest of honor was 10 minutes late due to having thrown up on her baptismal gown, requiring some spot cleaning and a hairdryer to set things right) it was a beautiful service. Perhaps the fact that the sermon was about stewardship will indicate that she will be a great steward of someone else’s funds or have much to give to her church and community. When Grace was baptized, the sermon was about Father Sawyer’s dog and Grace sure does love dogs (all animals really). Who knows. For now, we’re just so happy that our lovely girl is surrounded by so very much love.

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Family in town

Abby will be baptized tomorrow and so lots of family is in town. Grace was very excited about this, because tonight she’ll get to stay in a hotel with Great Grandma Emmy, Great Aunt Jenny and Bish-Bish as a special treat. Abby really enjoyed all of the company, as you can see from this smile.

Abby loves company-- more people to hold her!

Grace enjoyed wearing her “Big sisters ROCK” shirt, and Abby felt indifferent to her “Little sisters rock” shirt. Both were glad to have some ‘lap time’ with Great Grandma Ginny.

Sitting with GG

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