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Today begins the week when Daddy is watching Abby so that she doesn’t have to go to daycare before May. The bottles are poured, the womb music is in the CD player, diapers are stocked and there are ample burp cloths where they need to be.

Enter Saturday’s bad weather, stage right. Grace’s daycare is right near the path of one of the tornadoes and unfortunately as of 10 pm last night, the center still didn’t have power and so could not host small people. The word from the director of the center is that the earliest they could restore power would be Monday afternoon.

Suddenly, the quiet, nap filled week of resting and cooing at Abby has been disrupted by a powerful and energetic force: Grace Robinson. Mama made french toast before heading out for work this morning, and Grace earnestly begged me “Don’t go to work Mama!”– the pleading look in Greg’s eyes told me that he echoed Grace’s sentiments! Let’s hope that the park, Petsmart, and lots of riding her toy car and digging for worms in the back yard will keep Grace busy while Daddy gives Abby her bottle. I know that he’ll deserve some sort of medal when I get home, especially since Grace has croup and so is especially petulant. Poor Greg!

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