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Abby is growing so well– size 3-6 months, almost into size 1 baby shoes and trying very hard to sit up. She’s very vocal and likes to smile (not that you can tell in this picture…) So here’s our 2 month photo…

Trying to sit up

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Aunt Jenny is watching Abby for a few days this week so that we don’t have to start daycare until May. Today she took a few pictures of Ms. Abby that are to cute not to share.

Who me?


You know you want to kiss my cheeks...

I am not amused.

OK, I'll give a little smile, I guess...

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Happy Easter!

Here we are in all of our finery. Greg was the gracious photo taker, so no pics of him…

I want YOU to have a Happy Easter!

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We are in Reidsville for Easter, staying with Emmy. We are excited to see Uncle Chris & Uncle Alex for Easter dinner tonight, and disappointed that Pee-Paw won’t be able to join us ’cause he’s sick. However, while we wait for the Uncles to arrive, Grace got an invitation she couldn’t refuse. Great Aunt Jenny is hosting the Best Easter Egg Hunt EVER! She has pony rides, a bounce house and a concessions stand complete with sno cones, cotton candy and popcorn. She promises that there are close to 300 eggs to find, all stuffed with some sort of fun candy morsel. See what I mean when I say it was an offer Grace couldn’t refuse? Here are a few fun shots from the day.


Pony rides anyone?

Looking for cotton candy inside the consession stand

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Today begins the week when Daddy is watching Abby so that she doesn’t have to go to daycare before May. The bottles are poured, the womb music is in the CD player, diapers are stocked and there are ample burp cloths where they need to be.

Enter Saturday’s bad weather, stage right. Grace’s daycare is right near the path of one of the tornadoes and unfortunately as of 10 pm last night, the center still didn’t have power and so could not host small people. The word from the director of the center is that the earliest they could restore power would be Monday afternoon.

Suddenly, the quiet, nap filled week of resting and cooing at Abby has been disrupted by a powerful and energetic force: Grace Robinson. Mama made french toast before heading out for work this morning, and Grace earnestly begged me “Don’t go to work Mama!”– the pleading look in Greg’s eyes told me that he echoed Grace’s sentiments! Let’s hope that the park, Petsmart, and lots of riding her toy car and digging for worms in the back yard will keep Grace busy while Daddy gives Abby her bottle. I know that he’ll deserve some sort of medal when I get home, especially since Grace has croup and so is especially petulant. Poor Greg!

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Guess that about says it. I actually got them matching outfits. And I think that they’re adorable. They’ll likely be scarred for life. But look at all the cuteness!!

"Gosh Mom, more pictures?"

"She's squishing me!"

Unfortunately there wasn’t one were both girls were looking ‘normal’ so you’ll just have to enjoy the outtakes… 😀

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Yesterday was Mama’s first day back at work. Everyone survived. Abby had a wonderful time with Great Aunt Jenny, but was a little nap averse. Mama didn’t end up in a puddle of tears, but sure did miss her sweet Abby cheeks. Upon arriving home, Aunt Jenny was relieved of Abby and (poor child) she was smothered in kisses. Fortunately, Abby is only waking up two or three times a night for 45 minutes to an hour or so. Mama is sleep deprived, but it’s manageable. Grace is glad that Mama is going to day care with her again, and Mama does appreciate her kind colleagues in OASIS, but is looking forward to June…

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Grace, don’t poke your sister. It makes her cry.

Grace, please don’t sit on Abby. She’s too little.

Grace, don’t head butt Abby. Remember about “gentle and careful?”

Abby, don’t spit up on — uh, Good job, Abby!

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Today Abby took advantage of the lovely weather to spend some time outside. It was quite windy, so we didn’t stay long, but she was very happy to have a freshly mown lawn to enjoy.

Enjoying the sunshine

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This weekend, Erin made sure that our family should take all measures to avoid hearing from our homeowners association. [Side note: I hate homeowner associations. We pay $200/year to somebody else to tell me to mow our lawn and weed our garden bed. The value add is for that somebody to hire somebody else to mow common areas. I’d take that job for $150/year. Anyway, that’s not this blog.]

Mowing a lawn can be a big job, so I asked Erin to see what she could do about supplementing our personnel. After awakening from her nap, a diligent worker reported for duty.

Daddy, that’s a lawnmower.

— Indeed it is, Honey. Know what that does?

Yeah. It makes the grass short. Vroom!

Apparently, they LOVE watching the mowing people mow the lawn outside the Day Care windows. I think I’ll try to capitalize on this.

— That’s right! Do you know why I pay somebody else for the privilege of mowing my own lawn? Oh, never mind. Nobody can give me a good answer on that. Would you like to help Daddy?


— That’s what Daddy wants to hear. Could you get your lawnmower? (Grandpa gave her a plastic John Deere lawnmower a year or so ago. Perhaps he could identify?)

Okay, Daddy. …Here it is!

— Now, could you start on the other side of the lawn and get the tall grass that Daddy missed?

With enthusiasm: Yeah! (after 90 seconds). I can’t find any.

— Daddy is indeed good, Honey. Why don’t you mow the driveway while Daddy finishes up?

Got to train them while they’re young.

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Grace loves the park, especially the slide. She didn’t get to go yesterday because Abby’s godfather, Greg, came for lunch, but today we went, and she was able to show her sister the joy of sliding. (Well, okay, she couldn’t make herself go forward with 12 pounds of Abby on her lap, so we settled for just sitting at the top of the slide for now– we’ve got to leave something for Abby to look forward to, right?)

The joys of sliding

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