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Opening Day. A very, very important day. On the way to work, an unembellished recount:

Honey, did you know that today is Opening Day?


You did?


What does Opening Day mean?

“It means that we open presents!”

Well, Grace, that’s not really it. Opening Day refers to the first game of the baseball season. Do you know about baseball?

“Take me out to the ball game….!” — in a loosely adapted tune.

That’s right, Honey! (That’s an alternative to the more typical songs at Day Care. I knew a 5 star Day Care was worth it.)

“Yeah. Let’s sing it together.”

(us) “Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. I don’t care if I ever come back cause it’s root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win, it’s a shame. Cause it’s ONE – TWO – THREE strikes you’re out at the old ball game!…BASEBALL!” — A little freelancing and improvisation, but all the key points were there. Who cares at age 2.5 that it’s 3 rather than 4 strikes.

Grace, when we get home, I want you to run up to Mommy and say, “Go DODGERS!”


Go Dodgers!


(slowly) My favorite team is the LA Dodgers.

“My team is ELE DOD-JURS”

Well, close enough. Honey, next year we’ll work on balls and strikes. Eventually, we’ll make it over to platoons, OPS, and the infield fly rule. Then – finally – you can help me understand why LA can’t sign a decent left-handed relief pitcher.

“Okay, Daddy.”

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Abby and Jessica Bear got to spend some quality time together. This was because Mama is still on maternity leave and so often does not know the date. Therefore, we took a wonderful Jessica Bear picture yesterday, but because we were a day early, we took one today too, and then when Grace got home, she wanted to take a picture too, so lots of Jessica pictures.

Jessica Bear, Take 1 (3/28)

Jessica Bear, Take 2 (3/29)

And now for comparison, pictures with both girls and Jessica. It should be noted that Grace has lots of energy while Abby has opted to sleep through her last photo shoot. (“I’ve seen this bear several times before– no need to get excited” says Abby)

Two very different energy levels...

I *LOVE* Jessica Bear!

And we’ll close with some sisterly affection– or is that a headlock?

Hug or headlock? It's hard to tell.

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“Honey, Lasagna and Vagina are two very different things.”

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Last night’s game against Arizona was 1. very late at night and 2. a big disappointment if you’re a Duke fan. I hold Abby accountable for the L because she fell asleep on her duty to cheer on the Devils. But, in her defense, it was very late, and she was very tired from being cute all day.

Asleep on the guestroom bed

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One month old!

It is wild to think that Abby has been with us for a whole month now. Sometimes it is hard to think of our life as a family before she joined us, and sometimes it seems just yesterday that Grace was only a month old! In any case, we’re so happy that she’s a wonderful part of our lives! Happy one month birthday, sweetie!

Abby and Daddy snoozin'

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When we need Grace to hurry up, we tell her, “Quick like a Bunny!” This morning before driving to Day Care, I called up the stairs:

Honey, are you ready to go now?

Yeah, Daddy. Quick like Applesauce!

— Creative? Well, it worked.

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We were all very glad that Emmy was kind enough to host us in Reidsville. It allowed Emmy to snuggle Abby (this was their first meeting too!) and it gave Grace a chance to hang out with Greatest Aunt Jenny & Bish-Bish too. We hope to be able to go to Reidsville again soon!

Great Grandma Emmy loves snuggling Abby!

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We were very lucky that today Emmy invited all of the Robinsons to Reidsville to enjoy corned beef and cabbage. Because Aunt Cathy, Cousin Mary Bedford and Pee-Paw were all in Winston-Salem, it was a perfect meeting point for everyone. (And hey, who can turn down corned beef?)

This was the first time that Pee-Paw, Aunt Cathy or Mary Bedford had met Abby and she was very patient with everyone getting to hold her and love on her. Here are a few pictures…

Pee-Paw, Abby and Daddy

Lots of Robinson women...!

Sibling love

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Since Erin is staying home with Abby in the coming months, Grace and I ride by ourselves. After I did the handwashing drill (Erin usually assists there), I completed the check-in sheet. As I waved goodbye to Grace, she said, “Wait Mama, Dada!” A close friend of Grace’s (perhaps Jay Foster!) provided gentle clarification to Grace that I was indeed a Dada.

— Grace indignantly replied: “NO! THAT’S MY DADDY!”, and she rushed to hug my leg.

It’s good to belong to her. I smiled all day long.

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Oak Island Park!

This morning, Grace had the opportunity to visit the park to work off some energy (Mama & Daddy’s grand plan to get Grace good and tired so that she’d nap, and we could watch the ACC championship). She had a great time climbing up and sliding down!

Playing hard!

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This weekend, the Robinson family was able to take a quick trip down to the beach to visit with Grandpa, Uncle Chris and Uncle Chris’ girlfriend, Megan. It was Abby’s first long car ride, as well as her first trip to the beach, but she did beautifully, sleeping in the car, and even doing pretty well sharing a room with her sister. Grace got to sleep in a twin sized bed for the first time and really enjoyed her time in the big girl bed.

There was lots of basketball to watch this weekend, and so while Duke played today, Grace, Mama and Abby took a trip to the Nature center. It was a previously unexplored spot, but Grace really enjoyed seeing an iguana, a chinchilla, a rabbit, two ferrets, doves, an owl and various other birds. She also got to color and explore the water down by the dock, where we looked (unsuccessfully) for crabs. It was a fun trip and was just the right amount of entertainment for a two and a half year old.

Talking to the blue jay

Trying to wake up the ferrets

The girls outside the nature center (note Abby's head in the bottom right)

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“Daddy, I’m trying, but I just can’t kiss my elbow…”

“Well, Honey, let Daddy know when you can.”

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One game that Grace and I share is “got your nose.”  For those of you not versed, it’s a process of gently swiping your fingers along somebody else’s nose, placing your thumb between your index and middle fingers, making a fist, and demonstrated to the other person that you have their nose.

Daddy: “I got your nose.”
At first, seeing my thumb in my right hand confused her to say the least.  She responded indignantly.

–I thought the most appropriate reply would be to immediately return it to her by reaching to touch her nose with my same hand.  As I replaced it, I made a soft popping nose.
“There you go, Grace.”
“Thank you, Daddy.”

<5-10 minutes pass>

“Daddy, I got your nose.”
— Wow.  This caught me off guard.  How fun!
“Honey, do you have my nose?”
“Can Daddy have his nose back?”
“Why can’t I have my nose back?”
“I put it in my pocket.”

–Yep, she’s upped the ante.  Let’s see how far this goes.
“Honey, what’s Daddy going to do without his nose?”
“I got your nose”  [said with a musical and sweetly mocking tone.]
“Grace, please give Daddy back his nose.  I need to smell sometime tomorrow.”
–With a big fist, she waved her clenched fist back and forth in the air.

“Honey, is Daddy going to have to take his nose back?”
“No.”  <still waving hand>
“Honey, could Daddy have *your* nose?”
<a pause, asif she’s weighing her options.>

“Well, put my nose back into your pocket, and I’ll get it back by bedtime.”
“Okay, Daddy.”

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A new picture

We have had a request for a newer picture of Abby since her face is changing so quickly…  Here you go!

In her favorite outfit

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Mardi Gras!

Fat Tuesday indeed!  Today we headed to church to enjoy the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper– and many pancakes (both blueberry & plain) were consumed by the Robinsons (except Abby, who preferred to sleep)!

Relaxin' with Daddy

Grace particularly liked the balloons they had for decoration.  She also liked the pinata they had but upon reaching the front of the line to hit it, she changed her mind and let someone else take her turn.

Yay for Mardi Gras!

We also got some other exciting Mardi Gras news– Grace and Abby’s Uncle Mike is now engaged, so soon our girls will have an Aunt Mary Bess!

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