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So last weekend Greatest Aunt Jenny & Bish-Bish came up to help get Gracie’s new room all ready.  After much work, something wonderful emerged!  Here are a few pictures of Grace’s new big girl room so that you too can see how wonderful it looks!

Grace's bed

And even more fun, Grace can actually store things in her closet now– so she has access to so many more fun toys now!

Getting out a toy from her closet

Here Little People even have their own storage bin, making playing with the farmhouse, dinosaurs or playground much easier!

More closet space!

She also has a fun corner where she keeps her books, her dress up clothes and her trash can (Mama keeps sheets in the dresser part, but Grace stays out of there)

Even more fun stuff to play with... Superman anyone?

So while the room is not completely finished (the chair in the corner where we read stories every night needs recovering and a generous helping of WD-40) Grace really seems to love her big girl room with the primary colored fan and the friendly froggies everywhere (Mama got a bit decoupage happy and did a hamper, the trash can and a tissue box cover).  It’s a fun place to play and Grace loves company!

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