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Today for Mama’s birthday, Grandpa traveled to Garner to see us and made us all lunch!  He also took what will likely be the last family photos of us as a family of three… 😀

Mama's not paying attention!

The family photo

After a few pictures, Grace decided to give some kisses.  Her kisses to Daddy were to quick to catch, but her kisses for Mama were right on target.


Silly Gracie!

And one last one that reflects our “family of four-ness”… who could resist seeing Grace kiss her little brother or sister?  This might be the last time this happens for a while once Grace realizes that the baby joining us will cry a lot and take up lots of Mama and Daddy’s time…

Sweet kisses for baby Robinson

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Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday dear Mama, Happy Birthday to you!

Grace came into the room this morning to wake Mama up, and was quickly reminded by Daddy that today is Mama’s birthday, so Grace sang Mama the birthday song!  The new baby thumped along in time, and a great time was had by all!

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So today I had a midwife’s appointment.  At this point, from feeling, it seems that the baby is engaged (I didn’t get an internal exam, just feeling my belly) and seems to be at zero station.  Given that Grace was at -1 two days before birth (several days *after* due date), this makes me a bit nervous.  Donna also said that she thinks that the baby is a good 8 1/2 pounds now, so if we keep cooking until due date, we’re looking at a 10 pounder… I guess only time will tell, but I can tell you that the trip we were thinking of taking to Asheville at the beginning of next month will not be happening, (who wants to be four hours away from home when this party starts?  Not me!)  Also, I’m going out soon to get all of the things on my list so that we’re totally ready since if things start happening, I’m good to go from this point forward!  Yikes!

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So last weekend Greatest Aunt Jenny & Bish-Bish came up to help get Gracie’s new room all ready.  After much work, something wonderful emerged!  Here are a few pictures of Grace’s new big girl room so that you too can see how wonderful it looks!

Grace's bed

And even more fun, Grace can actually store things in her closet now– so she has access to so many more fun toys now!

Getting out a toy from her closet

Here Little People even have their own storage bin, making playing with the farmhouse, dinosaurs or playground much easier!

More closet space!

She also has a fun corner where she keeps her books, her dress up clothes and her trash can (Mama keeps sheets in the dresser part, but Grace stays out of there)

Even more fun stuff to play with... Superman anyone?

So while the room is not completely finished (the chair in the corner where we read stories every night needs recovering and a generous helping of WD-40) Grace really seems to love her big girl room with the primary colored fan and the friendly froggies everywhere (Mama got a bit decoupage happy and did a hamper, the trash can and a tissue box cover).  It’s a fun place to play and Grace loves company!

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So everyone keeps commenting on mama’s belly, which, while I can’t see it, seems to be growing from all the comments.  She’s had several requests to share a picture of her belly, and so I convinced her to share.

The side shot

While there’s still about a month to go, it’s clear that others are noticing that I’m large and in charge.  People keep touching mama’s tummy (they always ask first) and sometimes they try to figure out where my elbows and feet and such are.  Mama told me that she tried on the belly cast that she did with Grace a little while ago, and there’s still an inch or so of room to grow, so I’ve got my work cut out for me in the month or so ahead!
Things on the inside are good, I’m growing and changing– despite the fact that her belly looks more like a watermelon, I’m supposedly the size of a honeydew and I’m really enjoying story time and songs with Mama when she puts Grace to bed.  Grace even knows that it’s me thumping along to the rhythm.  Well, it’s warm and toasty in here, so I’m going to take another nap– I’ll talk to you folks later!

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Guessing games

So it’s another post from inside… yesterday’s midwifery appointment went well and everyone says that I’m growing on schedule and looking good…  But what does that mean for when due date approaches?  Am I excited to share Grace’s hairbows?  Will I prefer her ride on dump truck?  Will I weigh more than she did, or less?  Will I be taller?  (Mother’s note– if the number of comment’s I’ve gotten from friends and strangers about how I look ready to pop is any indication, perhaps this one is bigger).  Mama tried on her old belly cast from when she was pregnant with Grace and there’s still more than an inch of room between that and now, if that gives anyone room to judge…  Anyway, come on over— take a guess!

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Grace has noticed recently that things are slowly changing in the guest bedroom/Daddy’s room.  First, there was a fun primary colored fan with a blade of each color, then there was a little multicolored shelf.  Then a new chest of drawers came into the house, and now, we have a wallpaper border that I’m so excited about!  Grace’s new big girl room is going to be ADORABLE, and she’s excited too (I promise, it’s not just me).  Now, if only I could find fabric to recover the cushions on the rocker to go with the border, all would be in order.  I promise to post pictures of the new room and the proud owner soon!

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Petsmart doggies

Grace has missed seeing the doggies at Petsmart, but with the holidays and us being away things just haven’t worked out in about a month to visit her furry friends at Petsmart.  Fortunately this morning, we were able to fit in a trip after our visit to the library and Grace was able to get her puppy fix.  She just loves to pet them and get kisses– even on her face!

Aren't we cute?

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This picture makes me smile because all of the kids are clearly nonplussed by my photography.

Sitting with the boys

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Yay for daycare!

While Grace enjoyed her time with family this Christmas season, she was quite excited to get back to daycare and gave Ms. Dana a big hug to celebrate!

Grace getting hugs from Dana

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Visiting Cynthia!

Grace is SO excited that her godmother Cynthia has moved closer to our family, and was DELIGHTED to get to see Cynthia, Buck-the-dog, and Roo & Daisy (cats).  Cynthia was excited to show off her new & very big yard!

Cynthia, Grace and the GREAT BIG YARD!

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