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Off to visit Santa

Today, because Grace wanted to be sure that Santa knew just what to get her and just where to go, she headed off to Santa’s workshop at the mall.  While we’d talked about how Landon (a boy from her class who’s Mom sent us a Christmas card) had sat on Santa’s lap and Grace thought that she could, when we got there, the first picture was her looking at Santa unsure.  The next picture was her crying, then third, running towards Mama off camera.  The next was with Daddy and she’s looking tear stained, then the next, she’s sticking out her tongue at Daddy.  Finally Mama held her and she made  a few more faces and ended up with one that was okay…  Mama’s note to self– make sure that you wear dress up clothes next year in case you’re pushed into posing with Santa again!

I guess this Santa guy is okay...

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