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What better to do on the last day of the year than play at the park on her favorite slide?

On the big slide!

After several rides on her favorite slides, Grace branched out and tried a new toy at the park for the first time– she still needs a little help, but she seemed to enjoy the climbing aspect a great deal.  We enjoyed the fact that after a long afternoon at the park, Grace was a little more willing to go to bed.

Climbing the rope tower

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Spaghetti face

Today for lunch Grace enjoyed her spaghetti– perhaps a bit to much?

Who can resist a face like this?

She was very upset when she was told that she needed to have her face washed– sometimes life is so unfair.

But I *like* sauce on my face!

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Lots of snow!

Grace was excited to return home from the beach and discover that there was LOTS of snow to play in!  She especially loved being able to make tracks and look back and see where she’d been.

Off to explore!

She was having so much fun, it was hard to get her to stop and take a picture with Mama, but she did stop for just a moment, and eventually, blue lipped and shivering she headed inside.  She doesn’t know that tonight we’re going to make snowcream!

Enjoying the snow with Mama

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Merry Christmas!

Grace was not very excited about posing for a Christmas picture with Mama and Daddy, and refused to wear her tights, but this is the best we could do. We all headed to church and Grace had a good time in the nursery until it was time for communion and singing songs– she especially liked Joy to the World.

From our family you yours– wishing you and your family many happy returns of the season!

Merry Christmas from the Robinsons!

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This is the first time Grace has tried out the Oak Island playground, however, because it was a lovely day and because the doggies/kitty were all beginning to look a bit frazzled from Grace’s constant attention, we decided to take a trip to the park and try out some new slides and other fun.  Grace was particularly interested in the chain link net she could climb with Daddy’s help.

Exploring new spaces at the park

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Grace was so excited to be able to hang out with her uncles, Grandpa’s doggies and Uncle Mike’s cat, Winston (who Grace calls Wednesday).  She likes the Christmas tree and has largely ignored the growing pile of gifts, in favor of chasing and petting the closest furry friend.

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A message from Santa!

Grace got a message from Santa today– he’s so high tech these days!   I don’t know how he keeps everyone straight on his Christmas list but he’s got her number for sure!  It’s good to know that despite not being to cooperative with sitting in his lap, Santa was still listening.

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Today Grace’s class invited their parents to join them for a great lunch.  Mama and Daddy served themselves and then as soon as they’d gotten settled down to eat, Ms. Grace hopped up to go visit her friend Jay and his Mom, Jen and finish her lunch with them.  I guess that she gets to eat dinner and breakfast with us all the time– eating lunch with someone else’s family is much more exciting!

And she's off!

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Off to visit Santa

Today, because Grace wanted to be sure that Santa knew just what to get her and just where to go, she headed off to Santa’s workshop at the mall.  While we’d talked about how Landon (a boy from her class who’s Mom sent us a Christmas card) had sat on Santa’s lap and Grace thought that she could, when we got there, the first picture was her looking at Santa unsure.  The next picture was her crying, then third, running towards Mama off camera.  The next was with Daddy and she’s looking tear stained, then the next, she’s sticking out her tongue at Daddy.  Finally Mama held her and she made  a few more faces and ended up with one that was okay…  Mama’s note to self– make sure that you wear dress up clothes next year in case you’re pushed into posing with Santa again!

I guess this Santa guy is okay...

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Grace has been practicing singing the Happy Birthday song since Wednesday when I let it slip that today was Aunt Jenny’s birthday.  She’s planning a grand performance this evening, and she’s so glad that Aunt Jenny likes her lobster!

(Factoid: Because lobsters mate for life, Greatest Aunt Jenny has taught Grace that she’s her lobster, and when shown a lobster or asked about lobsters, Grace replies “For ever and ever”– this was the case when we picked out the stuffed lobster puppet that we sent– Grace saw it and asked me “For ever and ever?”– How could I *NOT* get it with that much cuteness?)

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Can't you see I'm napping?

So today for some reason, life inside was all shaken up.  I’d had a nice lunch and a little nap, then a little snack where I stretched just a little; pretty much my normal schedule.  I was heading back to sleep when suddenly there was a lot of shaking going on!  I tried to sleep through it and pretty much ignored it, but as you can see from this second picture, I wasn’t very pleased by the whole thing.  Of course, because Mama drank a big thing of apple juice, ate chocolate and even drank a little soda, I did a good deal of dancing after all the shaking was over…  I hear whispers that I might have to repeat this treat again next week to try to get a better picture– I sure hope that Mom’s just joking…

Why won't you people leave me alone?

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School pictures

Grace’s school pictures came back today, and it’s amazing how much a professional photo shows that she’s grown!  Here are the 3 poses (Mama had to get a sheet that had all 3 on there).  I particularly like the grimace, myself.

This *is* my happy face.

A little Christmas spirit!

Blue eyes, baby's got blue eyes...

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Tonight Grace got to eat dinner at one of her favorite places with her Godmother Cynthia.  As a special treat after enjoying her burrito and taco (YUM!), Grace got to go outside and see Cynthia’s dog, Buck.  Grace loved petting him, but most of all she loved it when he gave her a great big kiss!  The whole ride home, Grace talked about “Buck-the-dog” and asked where he was and when we’d see him again– guess that means that we’ll have to do dinner again soon!

"He gave me a kiss!"


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