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Back to school!

After having so many days off for Thanksgiving, Grace was glad to see her friends this morning!

Breakfast with friends

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The Sunday sillies!

Grace had a good time at church today, but all that being still is hard on a girl, so she came home to play and promptly jumped into her toybox!

I want ALL my toys!

She was quite pleased with herself.

The after lunch smirk

After a nap, it was time to head back to the park!


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Grace LOVES the park.   We are very fortunate to have not one, but two parks close to our house, and so we often visit either Lake Benson or White Deer Park to work off Grace’s excess energy.  She’s always been wary of the swings, but today, she took a brief turn on one in Daddy’s lap (and then was back to the slides for the rest of our visit).

Daddy's girl

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Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving, we were very fortunate to have Aunt Cathy come all the way from Nashville to visit.  After eating a lot of sweet potato casserole, Waldorf salad, turkey and stuffing (Grace actually preferred the dressing) and a roll, Grace knew that she needed to get outside to work some of that food off!

Honk, honk, rattle, rattle, rattle, crash, beep-beep!

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School Bake Sale!

In support of the Pre-School at Bright Horizons, today Grace got to pick out one sweet from the sale to have for dessert tonight.  She was very excited to pick a cupcake and enjoy it to the fullest!


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Fall fun!

Grace was very busy this weekend having fun with Uncle Chris, Misabef, Grandpa, Nola, Greatest Aunt Jenny and Emmy… Here are a few shots of the fun!

Look at the leaves, Nola!

And then when Uncle Chris climbed a tree, Grace had to get in on the fun!

What's he doing?!

After careful observation of Uncle Chris, Grace decided that she wanted to go higher in the tree and told Mama exactly where she wanted to be (Mama played deaf, ’cause she was not interested in lifting Grace that high).

Right there, mama, I wanna go right there!

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Today was Gracie’s grandpa’s birthday and to celebrate, she went to Reidsville with much of Mommy’s family to eat a Thanksgiving dinner and to (of course) sing the Happy Birthday song.  She also gave lots of hugs, did LOTS of summersaults and had lots of fun!

Nola and Grandpa

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School pictures!

Today Grace got ‘all dolled up’ for her school pictures– we hope that they come out well!

Practicing her cheese!

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Today is Pee-Paw’s birthday, and while everyone is so very sad that Gammie isn’t here to celebrate it with him, Gracie (who is staying with Greatest Aunt Jenny & Emmy) did call him to sing him “Take me out to the ballgame” and “Happy Birthday To You”

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Angel Grandmothers

Grace's wonderful grandmothers

Grace is blessed to come from wonderful women on both sides of her family.  This is particularly true of her grandmothers both giving, wonderful, generous, kind and fun loving souls.  While Grace never got to meet her Grandma Vicki, she did have the chance to meet her Gammie Sylvia and hear wonderful stories.

Listening with rapt attention

I have long held that my mother is Grace’s guardian angel, and while we are all very sad to say goodbye to Sylvia, I am happy to know that our next child will have a guardian angel to keep him or her safe who will protect and guide and watch over him/her as I know my mother does for Grace.  Our lives were all made more beautiful knowing Sylvia, and I know that one day Grace will be the sort of woman that her grandmothers would be proud of.

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After Erin put Grace to bed, Erin went downstairs.  I was watching some Netflix episodes of NBC’s The Office.  A personal favorite.   This room is next to Grace’s, and because I had the volume turned pretty low, I heard some noises about a half hour after bedtime.

Click.  Click.  Click.  Every three seconds.  I paused the show.  — Is that a light switch, I wonder?  Grace is totally into turning the light on/off.  Not sure how that could be especially entertaining after 20 minutes, but I adore her creativity.

I then hear some rustling and something that sounded like a flying stuffed Elmo hitting plastic coathangers.  I’ll let that one go.

I then hear what was clearly bed jumping.  Nope, can’t have that.  I quickly turned from my chair, entered the hallway, and opened her door.  The hallway light shone on her sitting upright with her tiny ankles draped over the mattress edge.

“Honey, do we jump on our beds?”

— “Noooo” was the soft reply.

“Honey, is it time to go night-night?”

— “Yeah.”

I gently kissed her and wished her a good night.  (Hopefully a good one without additional bed jumping.)  As I sat back down to my computer, I kept an ear out for other rowdy behavior.  — WHAM.  Yep, that sounded like Elmo flying across the room again. Well, it wasn’t as loud, so it was probably the smaller Cookie Monster.  Then, silence.

I suppose that was her final statement.  Having the last word on Daddy.  Better get used to it.

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