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Greetings from inside!

I have to say that this Halloween thing is pretty cool.  For the last few days, I keep getting little sugar hits– the occasional Reece’s cup or mini Twix bar, which of course makes me dance with joy!  I can’t wait to be on the outside to try these things out!  For now, I participated in the festivities as best I knew how– here are some pictures…

The full outfit

and a close up of my part of the outfit:

Dad says that Grace was looking for my spaceship

and then a picture of what I hope to do next year (or maybe the year after?)– try out a Kit Kat!  Grace made a mess of herself, but I bet that’s half the fun!

Yummy... chocolate!

Well folks, all this answering the door and such has made me sleepy, so I’ll sign off for now!

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Fun at the park!

Grace had a great time at White Deer Park today– she even learned to go UP a slide?!  She was also fortunate that for most of the time she was there, she was the sole child interested in this particular slide.

Here I come!

She even figured out how to use the holes on the sides to make it easier to climb and then would go up this slide and slide down the twisty slide (rinse, repeat).

Grace emerges triumphant!

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Spirit week review

So we posted pictures of Grace in her Duke cheerleaders uniform, but who would be complete without pictures from PJ day, Hat day, fall color day, or Character day?

PJ day (but she still has her coat on!)

Her PJs were really cute, “Everyone is Thankful for me!” with a turkey on them, and she kept them dry all day!  In this picture, she’s doing puzzles with her friend Fancis– Grace LOVES puzzles, and she’s pretty good at them!

Grace and all her friends with hats!

Grace really likes her mouse ears!

Feeling fallish

And last but not least, Grace’s favorite– character day where she got to wear her Halloween costume.

Stirring up a potion

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Grace strolls into the bathroom this morning while Erin is in the shower:




— “Is that a kitty cat out there?”


— “Sounds like a kitty cat.  Hi, Kittycat.”

MEE – YAHW!” <with footstamp>


Yep.  There’s definitely an animal lurking about.  An assertive and self-confident one at that.

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Late afternoon stroll through the Benson Park playground.

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Grace and Daniel were participating in their Favorite Team day Spirit Week activities, and while it’s not the greatest picture– it shows their spirit, I think!

Ready to cheer!

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