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Today, Grace got up early.  “Got up” no longer means wake up and possibly yell.  “Got up” now means wake up, and get out of bed, and walk out of her room, through the hallway, and into our bedroom.  Complete with announcement and a nudge for Erin to pay attention.   — This means that Mommy and Daddy woke up early.  Actually, it was Erin who kindly accompanied her back to her room.

About 25 minutes later, I heard soft footsteps.   “Daddy…?”  “Daddy…?”  “TeeTahDee!”

— Huh?

Since Grace can’t quite climb into our bed yet, I suddenly felt a tug at my hand.  “Heehw Daddy.”  I rolled over and she quickly handed me the eyes and left arm of Mr. Potato Head.  Shortly thereafter came the whole head.  Although I didn’t consider Mr. Potato Head to be a critical issue this morning, clearly there was somebody who did.

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