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Today, Grace got up early.  “Got up” no longer means wake up and possibly yell.  “Got up” now means wake up, and get out of bed, and walk out of her room, through the hallway, and into our bedroom.  Complete with announcement and a nudge for Erin to pay attention.   — This means that Mommy and Daddy woke up early.  Actually, it was Erin who kindly accompanied her back to her room.

About 25 minutes later, I heard soft footsteps.   “Daddy…?”  “Daddy…?”  “TeeTahDee!”

— Huh?

Since Grace can’t quite climb into our bed yet, I suddenly felt a tug at my hand.  “Heehw Daddy.”  I rolled over and she quickly handed me the eyes and left arm of Mr. Potato Head.  Shortly thereafter came the whole head.  Although I didn’t consider Mr. Potato Head to be a critical issue this morning, clearly there was somebody who did.

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Q: “Honey, do we bite our friend AJ?”
A: “Noooooohh.”

Q: “Honey, do we jump on the bed?”
A: “Noooooohh.”

Q: “Honey, do we go to the pottie?”
A: “Yeah.  No pee-pee in da big girl panties.”

— We’re working on it.

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Doggies at PetSmart

Getting kisses

On Saturday mornings, Grace will wake up and ask about the doggies (she sometimes does this on other mornings too) and just LOVES to get kisses from all of the doggies that she can reach.  She doesn’t always want to pet them, but she sure loves having her hands kissed through the cages!

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Happy about horses!

Grace loves horses, and was excited to wear this wonderful outfit on her first day of trying to wear big girl panties all day.  We took lots of extra clothes, so we’ll see how it goes, but Ms. Grace has gotten really good at using the potty and keeping her pull-ups dry.

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A post from the inside

Hi folks,

Grace gets a lot of press on the blog, and I get that, really I do.  But soon enough she’s going to have to share her spotlight.  And soon enough, I’ll have to show her who’s boss.  I tried this morning.  She was patting Mama’s belly, and at first, they were nice gentle pats and then I guess that she got excited and starting patting harder, and I didn’t like it, so I gave Mama’s belly a mighty kick to remind her that someone’s living there right now, and she needs to be nice when she knocks on my door.  I’m sure that we’ll have lots of fun once I’m on the outside– Mama tells me that Grace loves to ‘rock and rock’ her babies and feed them and wrap them in blankets– it’ll be nice to have a big sister to take care of me. 

Well folks, I’m getting tired, so I’ll sign off here…  Love from the Robinsons’ favorite “?”

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It’s a good thing that Grace’s toddler bed is pushed up against the wall, it avoids Grace getting up on the wrong side of the bed most mornings.  This morning, however, somehow she managed it.  She didn’t want to wear clothes, get into the car or go to daycare.  Once there, she showed us that she was NOT HAPPY about being there, thank you very much.

Showing off her sad/angry face

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Fish– the only good thing about the doctor’s office

Grace is not a fan of the doctor’s office, but because they have fish in the lobby, she tolerates it.  Today she had to get her 2 year shots and we found out that she is still in the 90% for height, weight and head circumfrence.  At least she’s proportional…

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Grace is starting to get used to her new classroom, even though her first week there was disrupted by hand foot and mouth.  Now she heads right in, washes hands and either begins playing, or sits right down for breakfast, depending on when we arrive. 

Yay for breakfast!

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Riding a trike!

This morning, after church, we spent some time at home, riding her trike.  While Grace still prefers to push it with her feet, we got a few good pedals in, and I am sure that soon enough, she’ll be pedaling like a mad-woman.

Ready for the road!

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We’ve already established that “Doggies live at Pet Smart.”  That’s a really good activity to keep her busy (and us sane) on Saturday mornings.

Grace also has a stuffed doggie that she tends to walk around with.  Because we didn’t want the friendly doggie to get lost, the doggie has become a “car doggie.”  — Always waiting, always faithful, always glad to see Grace when she buckles her seat belt.  It’s a good arrangement.

<insert doggie panting here>

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Good Morning, Grace.

Every morning, bright and early, Grace will wake up.  Doing that for over 2 years now. (fortunately, fewer wake ups, for sure!)  The main difference here is what happens afterwards.

Rather than verbally requesting attention, she takes matters into her own hands.  No cries, no yelling, no banging on walls or doors, and no bed jumping.    Instead, we hear a soft “click” of the door latch, and she’s suddenly out of her room and running around.  Usually, Erin and I have the door open by then, so she just cruises right in to greet Mama and Daddy.  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  Also bedheaded, eye-rubbing, and not walking quite straight.  I suppose I’m the same way as well.

This morning, I was checking the daily weather on the guest room computer.  As soon as I heard the “click,” I turned to the hallway.  She stopped, smiled, paused, and softly said “Hi, Daddy.”  I suppose that won’t change for about 16 more years.  — at least I hope it doesn’t.

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Today instead of going over to Aunt Jenny’s to pet and play with the pony (saddled or unsaddled), Grace went back to daycare and got to hang out with her old friends.  It was so fun to see familiar faces around the breakfast table, Emonie, Daniel, and Landon. 

While she’s not quite 100% she was energetic enough to enjoy an impromptu dinner with some friends of ours in Chapel Hill last night– demanding that our friend Greg give her most of his won-ton soup.  (I tried to offer mine, but Grace would have none of it!)

Soup? More soup? No Mommy, not nice!

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Big Sister

Ms. Grace loves babies– she has her own that she pushes around in a stroller, and she can often be found exploring in the Infants room when most folks have left daycare.  She is fascinated by babies and was very interested when she found out that she will soon have one to share.  She has not yet gotten a chance to say “Hi” to her new brother or sister, but we pray for them every night.

Hi everyone!

and for fun, a profile, to add to speculation that my mother’s nose is a prominent feature in all of my children’s faces.

Vicki's nose?

Guess we’ll find out for sure in February!  (I’m really hoping that it’ll be 2/22, Mom’s birthday, but EDD is 2/20).

Little feet that will soon pummel all who step to close

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Today Grace gets to hang out in Reidsville with some of her favorites, Emmy, Jenny & (after work) Misabef.  They will tempt her with yumminess such as ice cream, Boost, a Popsicle (or two or three), yogurt or apple sauce.  Hopefully those yucky sores get gone soon and Ms. Grace will feel well enough to see her friends at day care later this week!

I get to go to Reidsville? Oh boy!

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Hand, Foot & Mouth

Or, more aptly, mainly mouth.  Grace, poor dear, has many small ulcers in her mouth.  This makes eating anything aside from Popsicles less than no fun.  We’re trying to coax her to eat, and trying to keep her full of Motrin to keep her (low grade) fever down.  Poor dear.  No school for her today, it was a tag team Mama/Daddy day where Grace would play for a while, burst into tears and then go back to playing after much consolation and a boo-boo pack.

Have I mentioned how much I detest Coxsackie virus?

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