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I don't need a turtle, Daddy!

You may notice in today’s photo that on Grace’s right hand she has a Band-Aid.  In our household, while she clearly tells us quite often that she NEEDS a Band-aid, when she actually gets one, it’s a whole different story.  Grace likes the idea of band-aids, but keeping one on is almost impossible!  She has several favorites; Dora (her chosen band-aid for this shot), Hello Kitty and Spongebob Squarepants.  Once it comes time to actually have the sticky part make contact with her skin, however, all love for Band-aids is lost.  Once it’s on, she pulls and plucks at it until it’s gone.  The longest I’ve seen one last is 15 minutes.  She continually says “No Band-Aid Mommy, no Band-aid”.  Most of the time, this doesn’t matter because the boo-boo she has requested the band-aid for is actually quite small and doesn’t actually need attention — beyond TLC, of course.  The problem comes when she really DOES need a band-aid.  Veteran parents out there, any suggestions?  (Interesting factoid: at daycare, she’s perfectly happy to leave her band-aids on.)

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