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Unda Beel!

Grace was delighted to find out that we were having a visitor yesterday, and got to visit with Uncle Bill (a friend of the family and Uncle Mike’s Godfather).  Grace, who has only met Bill once was delighted with his company and before heading to bed last night, she asked him for a hug and a kiss.  Clearly, Unda Beel is quite a special guy!

Today, to add to the excitement, Grace & Mama got to play in the water at Lake Benson.  Mama & Daddy have finally learned their lesson, and when we go to the park, we now take a bathingsuit and swim diaper, because way to many times, we have had to cart a very wet (and quite happy) little person who has decided to sit directly in the water instead of stand there and let her feet get wet.  Technically there is no swimming in Lake Benson, but Grace sure did enjoy splashing!

At the lake!

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