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Happy girls

Grinnin' girls!

Mama and Grace were both glad to start the day off with a BIG hug.  Who can resist a kiss from a face like this?  So Mama had to sneak in some sugar too.  So hard to believe that very soon, we’ll be dropping Ms. Grace off in the 2 year old room!

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Watering the frog!

Giving the froggie a bath

Almost every night, Grace helps her Daddy water the outdoor plants.  She takes this job very seriously, and generally gets quite wet doing it.  Today she not only watered plants, but also saw the frog who sits reclined on our porch and decided that it needed a bath.  What a thoughtful young lady we have!

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Grace understands birthdays, being about to have one herself.  She was happy to tell Gammie Huppa Birfda and answer questions on the phone, but the real celebration of Gammie’s birthday was that Grace got to visit a friend of Daddy’s from work, Jo, who let Gracie play in the pool!  Much splashing and fun was had by all!

Kicking hard!

There is no doubt that Ms. Grace had a fantastic time in the pool, laying back to float on her back, kicking to splash everyone in range and even trying to use her arms to pull her along!


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Fun with DOGS!

Fortunately, all of our weekend plans came to fruition.  Grace was able not only to visit PetsMart, but also to go to the Farmer’s Market.  Here are a few fun shots from our day– we decided that even though we don’t have a dog, we still need a leash– Grace loves to run up and down the isles at PetsMart!  A helpful clerk jokingly offered to find us a leash upon watching Daddy and Mama try to corner Grace and catch her.

Grace asking for doggie kisses

Petting Ivy

We really like being able to visit the dogs and cats at PetsMart, and are quite impressed with the group, Paw Prints who takes care of all of the dogs.  Each dog or group of dogs is placed in a foster home, and will be cared for by the group until the dog is adopted.  Even if there is trouble years later, if you adopted the dog from Paw Prints, you can call them and they will take the dog back and foster it again– providing a completely no kill option.  When our family decides to get a dog again, we might just have to consider Paw Prints, that is unless Pee-Paw is willing to give Duke back!

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So very loved!

Grace doesn’t realize it, but her shirt provides foreshadowing for her weekend.  If everything goes as we plan, we’ll see some doggies tomorrow at PetsMart, and as her shirt says, the are SO LOVED!  She can’t get enough of doggies kisses, pats and snuggles.  Our girl is a dog lover, no doubt!

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Grace loves butterflies; that’s why she loves this shirt.  It’s fortunate that we have a butterfly bush in the back yard that does a very good job of attracting these wonderful creatures, and we have several books that feature butterflies (current favorite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle).

Excited to be almost ready to be in the Two's classroom!

Aside from her cute shirt, Grace got fun news today that she will begin her transition to the twos room slowly beginning next month (or next week– September 1st is next Wednesday!).  She is excited to see some old friends again (Sam, Landon, Daniel, Archita & Emonie) as well as have much more access to using the potty.  Everyone’s pretty excited by how much Ms. Gracie has grown up!

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I don't need a turtle, Daddy!

You may notice in today’s photo that on Grace’s right hand she has a Band-Aid.  In our household, while she clearly tells us quite often that she NEEDS a Band-aid, when she actually gets one, it’s a whole different story.  Grace likes the idea of band-aids, but keeping one on is almost impossible!  She has several favorites; Dora (her chosen band-aid for this shot), Hello Kitty and Spongebob Squarepants.  Once it comes time to actually have the sticky part make contact with her skin, however, all love for Band-aids is lost.  Once it’s on, she pulls and plucks at it until it’s gone.  The longest I’ve seen one last is 15 minutes.  She continually says “No Band-Aid Mommy, no Band-aid”.  Most of the time, this doesn’t matter because the boo-boo she has requested the band-aid for is actually quite small and doesn’t actually need attention — beyond TLC, of course.  The problem comes when she really DOES need a band-aid.  Veteran parents out there, any suggestions?  (Interesting factoid: at daycare, she’s perfectly happy to leave her band-aids on.)

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