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Today Grace and Daddy headed off to the doctor.  Grace’s cough kept her up last night and she’s been pulling on her ears (not to mention has a pretty fierce diaper rash).  Given all of these (minor) ailments, we felt it was time to go to see the kind folks at Garner Pediatrics. 

The report?  Grace has: 1. a large build up of ear wax in her left ear, to be treated with over the counter meds.  2. a diaper rash worthy of perscription “Magic butt cream”  (I kid you not– that’s what the print out from the pharmacy says!) 3. likely a virus, causing the coughing, but since it’s waking her up at night, an over the counter cough suppressant 4. antibiotics to get rid of the little bit of fluid that is behind her ear wax buildup, but fortunately, the tube that is clear is working just fine…

All in all, we’re glad that she went, but WOW, she’s on a lot of meds for someone who’s not noticably sick…  Hopefully in two weeks she’ll be better than new.

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