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So much fun!

Grace got to celebrate with her Uncle Chris today with a birthday boat ride (and some birthday cake, and her favorite, ICE CREAM!).  Beyond the birthday boat ride, this morning, Grace got to go to the beach, which she LOVED.  She went to the surf line and had such fun jumping and splashing.  Then we held her and took her past the breakers where she was able to splash, practice kicking and pointing at the waves as they came.  She also noticed each of the boats that came by and pointed and said “Boat? Ride Boat?  I need boat.”  All in all, it’s been a pretty wonderful day in the life of Ms. Grace.

Yay for boat rides!

And of course, yay for birthday cake!  For whatever reason, to this point, Grace has yet to say “Huppa Birfda” to Uncle Chris, despite much practice on the way down, and repeated prompts from Mama & Daddy.

Happy 26th Birthday Chris!

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Today is Uncle Chris’ birthday, and after work, we are all heading down to Oak Island to see Chris, Mike, Mary Bess, Grandpa and Great Grandma Emmy (not to mention Sunny, Rocky & Emmy’s dog King).  Gracie doesn’t know that yet, but she does know that today is Kali’s last day.   In honor of Kali’s last day, Grace and her friends all wore tie-dyed t-shirts, and there will be ice cream for snack at 3. 

"No laughing AJ" (Grace's comment at AJ's belly laugh)

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When we showed up to get Gracie today, Kali announced that Grace had spoken a full sentence.  AJ was talking about his dog, and Gracie said “I want a doggie too!”.  Upon hearing Kali recount this story, Grace walked up to us and said, “I want a doggie, PLEASE?!”  How can you argue with that?

Our doggie loving daughter

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Grace thinks that her Godmother Cynthia is a riot (she is).  After a yummy dinner at our favorite Mexican place, Grace really enjoyed playing with Cynthia.  Cynthia would use her fingernails to ‘walk’ across the table and onto Grace’s belly where tickling ensued.  A great time was had by all, and fortunately no one complained to much about the squeals of delight.

Yay for Cynthia!

Here is an action shot…

Bare-ing her belly!

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Grace was quite concerned about the state of her outfit this morning.  She had a hard time waking up (it took both parents ‘encouraging’* her) and while she was still a bit groggy, she mentioned needing a hair bow.  Fortunately for Grace, we did have a matching hair bow for today’s sun dress, so she was well put together, as was her desire from her first sleepy utterance this morning.

Dressed for the day.

* For encouragement, Daddy tried the gentle foot tickle while Mama preferred kisses, a backrub and an audible “Good morning sweet Gracie”

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Today Grace was back at day care to enjoy her last week with Ms. Kali who is heading off to graduate school in August and needed a few weeks to get ready.  We will miss her, but we’re sure that she’ll do well at NC State, and being as she’s in Psychology, which is housed in the building next to Mama’s we just might run into her again…

So today, Grace arrived at day care just in time to eat a little lunch and take a nap– she went straight for the table, ’cause after that car ride, she was HUNGRY!

Yummy pears!

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Grace is a good natured little person with a streak of prankster in her.  Her favorite thing to do while at GG’s was to try to hide in a cubbord (which she didn’t fit well into).

Tickled pink to be at GG's

After grinning sweetly, she hopped down and played the ‘bye-bye’ game where she tried to hide, then popped out grinning and saying “hello”.


And after fun time at GG’s (and going to the church nursery), headed over to get in one more swim at Uncle Owen’s house.  Does it get any better than going to the pool two days in a row?  Grace thinks not!

Grace and Daddy at the pool

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Today Grace and her family were up in Charlottesville to celebrate GG’s 89th birthday!  It was a grand day, complete with lots of pool time, hot dogs and fun with family!  Grace loved being able to go to the pool TWICE in one day!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Swimming with Uncle David & Cousin Allison-- complete with crocs!

And for her birthday, Grace gave GG a picture frame and said “Huppa Burfda!”  What more could a great grandmother want?

All the Parry girls at GG's birthday!

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Sharing with Franklin

When we went to pick Ms. Grace up from daycare yesterday, she wasn’t in her typical room, she had gone to visit her friends in the infant room, where she was offering to share various toys with the babies.  (Have we mentioned yet how much Grace LOVES babies?)  She didn’t really want to leave, either because of all the cute babies or perhaps because she’d forgotten how many cool toys the babies have?!

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Today Grace and Daddy headed off to the doctor.  Grace’s cough kept her up last night and she’s been pulling on her ears (not to mention has a pretty fierce diaper rash).  Given all of these (minor) ailments, we felt it was time to go to see the kind folks at Garner Pediatrics. 

The report?  Grace has: 1. a large build up of ear wax in her left ear, to be treated with over the counter meds.  2. a diaper rash worthy of perscription “Magic butt cream”  (I kid you not– that’s what the print out from the pharmacy says!) 3. likely a virus, causing the coughing, but since it’s waking her up at night, an over the counter cough suppressant 4. antibiotics to get rid of the little bit of fluid that is behind her ear wax buildup, but fortunately, the tube that is clear is working just fine…

All in all, we’re glad that she went, but WOW, she’s on a lot of meds for someone who’s not noticably sick…  Hopefully in two weeks she’ll be better than new.

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Watering Daddy

Watering Daddy

Grace loves to help water the plants at night.  Tonight she got a little overexcited and started watering everything in sight, including her parents.  After everyone was thoroughly soaked, Grace was thirsty from her hard work, and stopped to take a drink.

Yummy water!

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It seems that Ms. Grace felt a pea in her mattress last night, because when we checked on her, to assure that all was well last night, she had opted to snooze on the floor.  (Of course this morning when we went in to see where things stood, she was asleep on her bed, so she appears to have changed her mind at some point…)  This transition to the big girl bed is a funny one– hopefully in a week or so, we’ll have all the kinks ironed out.  At this point, I must admit to visions of rug burn on her face as I fell asleep last night; so glad that didn’t happen!

Sleeping Beauty

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Ready to eat!

Enough talking people, I’m ready for some breakfast!   (That’s what Grace’s face had to say as she sat down at the table).  We were discussing what a big fun weekend we had with Kali and Grace was much more interested in what she was going to have to eat!

Feed me!

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In her big girl bed!

We knew that this day was coming when last week she started making serious motions towards climbing out of the crib, but wanted to wait until the weekend to have time to assemble the new toddler bed (it was going to be a birthday present, but as Greg points out, every day is the same to her…).  Paired with her use of the potty (5 times!) yesterday, Grace is confirming that she is indeed, a big girl!

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Today Grace got to go to River’s 4th birthday party!  Once we got beyond the initial confusion about how River’s gift was hers, she had a great time!  There was a bouncy house, which Grace tried out with Daddy’s help.  She also went inside, but got a little nervous without a parent in there to hold her hand, and so came back out rather quickly.  Here is a progression of the fun– from jumping with Daddy to inside the house to playing outside in the rain!

Jump and Jump and Jump...

After getting used to the bouncy-ness of the bounce house, Grace saw River go inside and so she ventured in too!

Crawling in to check things out...

And after a thorough checking out of things, Grace took a moment to play on the toys outside in the rain, once she was suited up…

Outside of the busy-ness of the bounce house...

All in all, it was a great day!

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