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On the go!

Grace is a very busy girl, as all who have met her know.  This morning, she sat down at the table, and when breakfast did not present itself quickly, she was off to the next thing.  The good news is that even without breakfast to distract, with a hug this morning, I think that Grace didn’t cry when we left (or she waited until a minute later when we were out of earshot).

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Grace was in a great mood this morning, and arrived at day care full of love.  She started by giving friends hugs, which inspired her friends to give hugs, and even a hug for Francis’ Mama.  So it’s not always that Grace is frustated with friends, she also gives hugs and appreciation too…


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Church time!

While Mama and Daddy were in church this morning Grace enjoyed playing in the nursery.  She especially enjoyed caring for the dolls and making sure that they were well fed.

Feeding dolly

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Grace continually shows us that she’s growing up.  Sometimes that is walking down stairs without asking for help (with supervision, of course) or carrying her plate to the trash can when she’s finished with it, or helping to unload the dishwasher.  Today, on her way to get her diaper changed, she did a complete summersault without help, a trick that I had not yet seen!  Perhaps we need to start considering gymnastics lessons for her in a few years, like my friend Nicole suggested!

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Grace and Mabel both love dolls, and this morning they both sat in the chair and played with dolls all wrapped up to go ‘night-night’.  What sweet little girls!

What sweet girls!

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An artist!

Hard at work

Grace loves the book, Harold and the Purple Crayon.  This morning when she got to school, she saw not one but TWO purple crayons on the table, so she immediately took them and drew a picture!

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Somehow Grace knew that today was Splash day.  I don’t know how, but when I came in to get her up this morning, her first word was “WATER?”.  She didn’t even complain much about being put into her bathing suit, which is generally an ordeal for both of us.  I know that she’ll have fun outside this morning, but I doubt that they’ll go out this afternoon– it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today!

Ready to get wet!

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