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On the go!

Grace is a very busy girl, as all who have met her know.  This morning, she sat down at the table, and when breakfast did not present itself quickly, she was off to the next thing.  The good news is that even without breakfast to distract, with a hug this morning, I think that Grace didn’t cry when we left (or she waited until a minute later when we were out of earshot).

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Grace was in a great mood this morning, and arrived at day care full of love.  She started by giving friends hugs, which inspired her friends to give hugs, and even a hug for Francis’ Mama.  So it’s not always that Grace is frustated with friends, she also gives hugs and appreciation too…


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Church time!

While Mama and Daddy were in church this morning Grace enjoyed playing in the nursery.  She especially enjoyed caring for the dolls and making sure that they were well fed.

Feeding dolly

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Grace continually shows us that she’s growing up.  Sometimes that is walking down stairs without asking for help (with supervision, of course) or carrying her plate to the trash can when she’s finished with it, or helping to unload the dishwasher.  Today, on her way to get her diaper changed, she did a complete summersault without help, a trick that I had not yet seen!  Perhaps we need to start considering gymnastics lessons for her in a few years, like my friend Nicole suggested!

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Grace and Mabel both love dolls, and this morning they both sat in the chair and played with dolls all wrapped up to go ‘night-night’.  What sweet little girls!

What sweet girls!

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An artist!

Hard at work

Grace loves the book, Harold and the Purple Crayon.  This morning when she got to school, she saw not one but TWO purple crayons on the table, so she immediately took them and drew a picture!

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Somehow Grace knew that today was Splash day.  I don’t know how, but when I came in to get her up this morning, her first word was “WATER?”.  She didn’t even complain much about being put into her bathing suit, which is generally an ordeal for both of us.  I know that she’ll have fun outside this morning, but I doubt that they’ll go out this afternoon– it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today!

Ready to get wet!

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So excited!

Not sure what Grace was excited about at breakfast this morning, but this face was just to cute not to share…


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Today Grace got to daycare and headed straight for the home living center to snatch up a few babies to cuddle.  She really does just love holding and caring for babies.  She’ll be a great big sister one day.

Today Grace is also wearing her pink sneakers for the first time, and when we arrived at day care for pick up, she was shoe-less.  This was because whereas Mama thought that the pink sneakers were a size 6, they were a size 7, and so Grace walked out of them all day today.  We arrived to Grace shoe AND sockless, and Kali let us know that Landon had borrowed her socks and made sock puppets on his hands with them.  What fun kids.

Cuddling babies

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Gracie is fortuante to have lots of people to wish a Happy Father’s Day to!  She mailed her Pee-Paw a special package with Father’s Day goodies, and she brought some more goodies down to the beach for distribution.  She gave Grandpa a few newer pictures of herself, and she painted Daddy a “Best Dad Ever, Hands Down” shirt.  (Of course, she got a little excited as she was putting her hands on the shirt so there was a little bit of paint out of place…)  Everyone seemed happy with their presents, and Grace was particularly happy to give special hugs for her Daddy.

Daddy is SO MUCH FUN!

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Grace and Daddy get to hang out because Uncle Mike, Mary Bess, Rene, Mama and the rest of the house guests went to a funeral in Wilmington.  This meant that Grace and Daddy had the run of the house.  They played with blocks, watched a little Elmo in Grouchland, loved on the doggies, and walked down to the dock to see the water nine times, from what I hear.

Grace took a good nap, and when she woke up, Grandpa and Mama were back, so Gracie took Mama down to the dock to look for “Row-Row-Row your boat”s.  She also got to dip her toes in the water (again, and again and again).

Look for a more detailed account of the fun soon!

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Today after work and daycare, Grace and family headed down to Oak Island.   We found out that Kid’s Meals at Wendy’s are not all that they are cracked up to be, at least as far as Grace is concerned.  She did snooze for the last hour of the trip, and so when we got there and Grace heard Sloan River Project upstairs practicing, she said “Shake it- Shake it?”, indicating that she wanted to dance.  We went up stairs and she did dance.  The drummer told us that she needs her own set for her 5th birthday.  We’ll see.  She also got to see her long time friend Rene who she hadn’t seen since our trip down to New Orleans.  She snuggled and made new friends, and got to see Uncle Mike & Mary Bess again, which made her smile.  After some hot dogs, when the band was starting to pack up, Grace agreed to go downstairs to sleep.  What a fun treat to dance with the band, and, of course, to see Rocky & Sonny, her favorite doggies!  More fun is in store tomorrow, for sure!

Reading Goodnight Moon with Rene

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All the way home from day care yesterday, Grace said, “Unk Mike?  Unk Mike?”  When Mike & Mary Bess arrived, Grace was delighted to see them, and promptly took the opportunity to show Mary Bess all of her Little People.  (Mary Bess acted very interested and played with the cows and chickens and dinosaurs and clowns and pirates to Grace’s great delight).

This morning we ate pancakes and Grace got to sit in a big girl chair at the table in between Mama and Uncle Mike.  Mama was glad that Ms. Grace behaved very well and blew kisses as we headed out the door for day care.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Uncle Mike & Mary Bess again this weekend down at Oak Island!

Uncle Mike & Mary Bess (Grace had gone to bed, unfortunately)

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Today is Splash day.  Once Grace put on her bathingsuit, we started talking about water and splashing, and there was lots of giggling and simple glee at the idea that she’s going to get to play in the water with her friends at daycare.  Of course, before she got down to splashing, Grace had to get down to eating, so she enjoyed some eggs.

Yummy! Eggs!

 And what Grace doesn’t know yet, but will soon learn is that Uncle Mike & his girlfriend Mary Bess will be coming to visit tonight, which will be LOTS of fun!

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Hangin' out with AJ!

I’m not quite sure what happened here– Grace was happily sitting beside Daddy, and then started looking out the window with AJ.  When I asked her to look at me, something about my request was not appreciated (note, however, that AJ very obediently looked and smiled).  Oh well.

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