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Beach babe

Grace LOVES the water (almost as much as she loves the dogs).  She enjoyed both boat rides and fun at the beach this weekend, and is already looking forward to a time when she can come back and enjoy it all again.

Enjoying a boat ride!

Grace & Mama enjoy a ride

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Doggies are an especially popular attraction of vacations.  We have several house rules that maintain the sanity of all concerned parties.

Sonny the Dog receives sanctuary  under Chris Peterson’s bed.  Although Grace can wave to and greet Sonny from the hallway, hands-on visits are not allowed.  Rocky, who retreats far less frequently, is considered unavailable when he crawls completely behind the inside recliner.  As a far more tolerant playmate, Rocky essentially has only one significant and noteworthy consideration — Don’t touch his paws.  Grace pat-pats his coat, tail, and even doggie nose.  Touching his paws makes Rocky VERY uncomfortable.

All in all, both these dogs are overwhelmingly patient with a very excitable little person. With eruptive giggles, Grace chases these gentle giants around the room and on/off the porch.  Although Grace has plenty of practice spending time with Jenny and Larry’s animals, it’s been a while since Sonny and Rocky signed up for this!

As an inadvertent reward, Grace managed to dislodge the tupperware containers of dry dog food.  BAM! Food everywhere.  I faced myself with three options: (a) clean it up myself, (b) let the doggies eat everything, or (c) expect Grace to be so inclined.  — to restore not to eat.  I ended up picking option (a), but I required her to put the last five bites back in the container.  The principle, right?

Although it’s important to maintain a balanced and normal diet, there’s no question that the doggies would have deserved that bonus dessert…

Grace and Rocky

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Grace wishes Aunt Cathy a Happy Burwfdaye!  She can’t wait until the 4th of July when she gets to say it in person.  Hopefully she can leave a message with her Birthday wishes on the answering machine so that birthday wishes are good for the next week at least!

Grace & Cathy at last visit

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Today, Grace didn’t want to sit in her high chair for dinner, and because she was being pretty good, we let her sit at her little card table.  Well, she ate some applesauce and then got up (one of the drawbacks to not using a highchair, she can get up when she wants to).  She went to get her trusty steed (who is never far away), and then zoomed by the table to take another bite of applesauce.  She then buzzed off, and circled the downstairs and swooped by again.  This time Mama was armed with the video camera and we plan to try to put up the video very soon….  So much for avoiding fast food– she still gets the concept of a drive through window…. 🙂

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Typically, Wednesdays are special days anyway, because now that summer is here, Wednesday is “Splash Day” when Grace and her friends arrive in their swimsuits and water shoes so that 9:30 outside time can include lots of water and getting wet.  Today, however, was school picture day, so instead of her super cute swimsuit and coverup, Gracie got to put on a cute pink dress with flowers and wear not one, but TWO hairbows.  She looked like a little angel.  Did Mama think to get a picture before Grace headed off for her photoshoot?  Nope.  But you can picture it can’t you?  Our sweet Gracie in a cute pink dress with flowers grinning to beat the band.  We’ll share photos when they come in, I promise.

Proof 1

Proof 2

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Today after her nap, Grace got to go to the ENT and have a tympanogram.  Basically, she sat in a box, and the audiologist made a monkey with a drum come alive and begin drumming on one side of the soundproof box, or, alternatively, a bear with a cymbal liked to clang the cymbal to catch her attention.  After what reminds one of a game of ping-pong watched by a cat, where Grace looked from the bear to the monkey several times to show that she could, indeed hear just fine, Dr. Brown told us that Grace’s tubes are, in fact, in place, just as Dr. Sarchev said.  Now we just need to decide if we go forth with the surgery on her tongue or hold off.  Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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Grace doesn’t mind going to the doctors.  She really likes to see the fish that they keep in the lobby.  She pointed at each one and tried to tell Daddy what color they were (she’s a big fan of blue, so several of the white, yellow and orange fish were deemed ‘blue’).  We went back and Dr. Sarchev told us that she’d likely just had a 24 hour bug and that she was okayed to return to day care tomorrow, given that she didn’t have a fever (which she hasn’t since we got home last night).  Dr. Sarchev also gave us another interesting bit of news– Grace’s tubes are right where they should be and seem to be working just fine?!?  This was a great surprise to all involved, and on our way out of the office, we set up an appointment with the ENT (they share an office building) to verify and determine if we should go ahead with surgery on June 4th.

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Today while Mama & Daddy were snoozing on the dock at the lake, a very concerned Aunt Jenny & Emmy left a voicemail indicating that Ms. Grace was not her normal sweet self.  Upon returning their phonecall, we discovered that unlike her typical “go-go-go, do-do-do” self, Ms. Grace had been quietly sitting in laps and passively watching Winnie-the Pooh.  Her temperature ranged from normal to almost scary, and after speaking to a nurse friend, Greatest Aunt Jenny suggested that we head to the hospital (as there are no pediatricians open on Sundays).   Mama and Daddy hastily packed up camp and hopped back into the car, only to find that when they arrived at Emmy’s house, Gracie’s fever had broken and she was up and about ‘do-ing’ again.  We promised to keep a close eye on her and headed home.  She snoozed most of the way home and went to bed early with the plan that she’d go to the doctor tomorrow.  Thank goodness for breaking fevers and sweaty little girls.

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Grace wranglers extraordinaire!

Grace is excited to see Greatest Aunt Jenny & Great Grandma Emmy today while Mama and Daddy enjoy their 6th anniversary at the lake.  Assuredly this means that Grace will have fun at the music store, playing in the kitchen and just all around ruling the roost at Emmy’s house…  Yay for fun in Reidsville!

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Yay breakfast!

Ready for blueberries!

Grace arrived at day care famished, despite being fed yogurt at home– somehow the yogurt and blueberries at day care are much better than the stuff we have at home.  Thus, she went directly to the table and began pounding the table to indicate that she was, indeed ready to eat.  (This marks day 3 without a significant melt down when Mama and Daddy leave….)

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Perhaps it was the many pictures she sat through for the church directory, or maybe just that she might have had muffin in her teeth, but it was clear this morning that she was trying to tell me, “No pictures please”…  To bad I didn’t listen…

Please, please, no pictures

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Church Directory

Today the Robinson family got all dressed up for the church directory pictures.  While this picture does not have the benefit of having a professional photographer making Grace smile, it’s also not $60 for one picture, and hey, we think it’s pretty cute– what do you think?

(Many thanks to Anna for snapping it for us!)

Robinson family May 2010

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Focus on breakfast...

We might have solved the fall in the floor screaming thing.  When we get there in time for breakfast (morning snack, as they call it), Grace focuses on food (because, hey, parents are great, but this is FOOD we’re talking about here) and does not tend to dissolve in her typical puddle of sadness.  Maybe we’re onto something here.  We’ll keep you updated…

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Hugging Luke's doggie

Grace is quite attached to this blue dog with a rattle in it.  This would be fine, had it not been purchased with the intention to be  a present for Grace’s friend Luke (who was born several months ago– I know, we’re a bit behind here).  Because Mama had lunch plans with Luke’s Mom on Monday, Mama had the blue dog sitting on a corner near the door so that said doggie would not be forgotten on Monday.  Unfortunately, the doggie was now also within Grace’s sights and so through the course of the weekend, Grace got her grubby sweet little hands on the doggie and will not let go.  So sorry Luke– we’ll have to come up with another fun toy for you; Grace assures us that it’s really a quite wonderful toy…

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Grace, rocking the tam

Grace saw how wonderful Mama looked in her hat yesterday, and so today had to try it on, just to show that she makes EVERYTHING cuter.  See, she’s proven her point.  She’ll have to wait a few years before she can rock her own tam, however…

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