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With Grandpa and the dogs!

Grace loves dogs.  She does not yet know that when she gets home from daycare today, there will be two dogs waiting for her!  Grandpa is going up to Asheville to support Uncle Alex as he makes his 4?5?6? course meal which is the capstone of his degree in culinary arts.  On the way to Asheville, Grandpa dropped the doggies off in Garner so that he could stay with Uncle Chris without having to be concerned that the doggies would mess up the apartment.  For now, we’re sending lots of good luck (not that he needs it) to Uncle Alex and lots of snuggles to the dogs, who, we hope, will tolerate all of Grace’s attentions.

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This morning, Grace and I ate breakfast together.  She had her apples — a favorite food as our readers know.  I had Granola cereal and a bagel.  She reached for my bagel, at which point I immediately withdrew my hand.  She got pretty mad at this, so I pinched off a /very/ small part and handed it to her.  She promptly stuck it in her mouth and chomped.  Not particularly impressed, it seemed.

Her interest in apples waned around 7:30.  I reached over to her high chair, took a chunk, and held it in my clasped hand.  Of course, she got way mad at this (even though she was completely ambivalent seconds earlier).  I pretended to eat it.  I even said, “Yum-yum” in garbled fashion as my mouth bulged closed.  This REALLY made her mad.  (I then returned the intact chunk unseen to her small apple cache.)

Parents can probably guess what happened next.  Grace, with great haste, started methodically munching all her remaining apple bites as quickly as possible.  She pretty much rifled through the entire stash.  In retrospect, I probably did undermine our efforts to learn good things like respecting the rights of others.  On the other hand, we explored sharing, albeit in brutal fashion.

No way Daddy will have another chance, will he?  Stay tuned.

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Stopping for a drink

As has been mentioned previously, Grace loves to help in the yard.  She likes to water plants, water herself, drink some water, water her shoes, etc.  Here are a few action shots!

Taking out the trash

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Teamwork: Carrying a worm

Today when Grace got to daycare, she was met with a very friendly, albiet quite large, worm.   It is on loan from the 2 year old class, and Grace and Daniel mainly took turns helping one another carry it around the classroom.  What a funny thing to do!

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VERY Helpful.

Grace has recently expressed interest in landscaping.  Specifically, she wanted to help water the plants again.  This isn’t news — after all, she’s periodically served as a loyal custodian of the front yard.  The garden hose is her primary instrument, and yesterday after work, she /really/ wanted to help Daddy.

She can certainly claim credit for nursing the yellow Mum back to better health.  (I’d actually thought it to be an Ex-Mum and kept it in the garage for the fertilized soil.) Nonetheless, a ray of light through the window — combined with Grace’s watering help — has made it much more robust.

Anyway, recent goals also include (a) watering the recently planted Gardenias, which is especially important since they are Daddy’s favorite plant, (b) the yet to be planted dwarf Gardenia, and (c) looking out for the October Maple.  The latter is a critical mission because a lack of water had proved fatal for its predecessor.  Although the details aren’t yet clear to Grace, the importance has become quite clear.  Grace is vigilant, conscientious, and thorough — as demonstrated by yesterday’s session.

We first carefully addressed task (a).  Grace considered about 60 seconds to be sufficient for watering a 6″ by 12″ planting.  Before we moved to (b), she hydrated herself.  First a drink.  Second a belly bath.  Including shoes, of course.  Third, she moved on to her face (perhaps intentional, but probably not).  Finally, we finished (c).  That required lots of patience because Daddy had to uncoil the hose all the way across the yard.  Apparently, I’m not quite nimble enough just yet.

At that point we engaged in miscellaneous responsibilities.  First, watering the weeds.  Note that Daddy had watered them with Roundup last night. (Personal side note: Mom, I’m afraid I’m teaching her “wheed.”)  Second, washing the dirt off the driveway.  The rocks proved more difficult to wash away.  Last, we watered the other plants in the garden.  Petunias, boxwoods, and a pretty blue thing whose name we don’t know.  Aside from the tree, that was the primary shared goal.

Although the Wake County Water Conservation might think otherwise, Grace and I considered it a very important project.  Who knows?  We certainly saved water by skipping the bath.

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More celebrating!

Overlooking the grounds at the Trestle House Inn

Today was our last day in Edenton, so we had to make the most of it.  It rained early this morning, so Grace was quite excited to splash in lots of puddles, and even made sure that her doggie took a drink from one of the puddles, because she was sure that the doggie was thirsty.  She’s a very compassionate little person, really.

Visiting hte Peterson’s at their hotel


All dressed up to party!

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Looking at fish with Grandpa

At the party with a family friend Carol!

The Happy Couple

Today Mama got to read in Jeremy & Ellison’s wedding while Grace got to play in the nursery.  She did, however, make a guest appearance at the end and get hugs from Grandpa, Uncle Mike and Uncle Chris.  She also got to meet a great friend of the family, Camper Carol!

Because it was an evening wedding, we had a whole day to enjoy before the wedding.   Grace got to go to the aquarium and fish hatchery and learned a new word: “eel”.  (As a part of the Peterson family, her uncles felt it was important that she begin to realize the joy of fish early.   She also got to see a live aligator up close and personal!  All in all, it was a fantastic day, and Grace has been spoiled by seeing so much family this weekend.  She has also greatly enjoyed the B & B where we’re staying, the Trestle House Inn (more on that tomorrow!)

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