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Ready to play!

Ready to roll!

Grace was ‘wide open’ today– full of silliness and snuggles. She arrived at daycare and promptly ran over to the book corner where her friends were to see what was going on, then dashed off towards the big chair near the tables… she’s a very busy girl– we have a hard time keeping up!

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You always hear statements like, ‘wonder what they’ll say next.’ I now see that’s pretty much a true statement. Most readers of this blog are parents, so you’ll smile when we write that Grace is putting subjects/verbs/direct objects together – of course, in the most basic of ways, but nonetheless that’s indeed the case.

Apple eat. Shoe up. Cup Milk. Food hot.

Not bad for 18 months, I suppose.

She makes a great attempt at her own name, but we’ll have to keep you posted.

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A surprise pig!

Who's in your pocket Aunt Jenny?

Lookie here– Gracie had a guest! She loved playing with and feeding Martha.

Giving treats

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Reading with Susie

Today Gracie got to play with Susie, a pretend cousin from the Jenkins family. She loved reading and playing outside especially! Mama particularly enjoyed hearing stories about her Mom from Susie’s perspective and hearing Emmy’s stories about growing up with Susie’s Dad, Bill. Yay for fun with family from far away!

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At breakfast with friends

Life in the toddler room is back to normal– Grace has a little bit of congestion, but aside from that, seems to have skipped the real sickies and her friends who have taken turns throughout the past week or two being out have all returned. All is right with the world! 🙂

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Splashing in puddles

When we got home tonight, Grace wanted to inspect the puddles in the driveway. All the way home, she’d been commenting on the “wa-wa” and so when she saw Daddy go to get the mail, she headed out after him to see what was going on. Now, according to the day care daily, she’d also investigated puddles on the playground, leading to needing her clothes changed. When Daddy saw her playing in a puddle, he took it upon himself to show her how to jump in puddles…

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Turning heads

All eyes on Grace

At this point, Grace is the only toddler who has not gotten the yuck. Last week all the boys were out, and this week the girls are out, leaving Grace the only girl in her classroom. Was that why all the boys turned to welcome her this morning? Or is she a pint sized heart throb? Only time will tell…

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18 months old!

At the doctors-- looking at fish

Grace is a year and a half old today! Time has flown, and the tiny little person we remember has gone, replaced by a delightful bigger person with a strong will and a gentle heart (but not always gentle hands).

We went to the doctor today to find out that Gracie is in the 90% for height, 80% for weight and 90% for head circumference. Her head has grown a great deal, it seems, most of the other times we’ve gone it was in the 50%.

She got a shot 😦 and a blood draw to follow up on the slight anemia they detected last time (all clear). We also found out that the goo leaking out of her ears? That was an ear infection– fortunately there wasn’t pressure on her ear drum, but we missed that. Ooops! We’ll know for next time. We’ve got antibiotics and hopefully those will clear things right up.

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Gracie want a cracker? Or two?

Grace had a hard time getting started this morning, so we didn’t get to take a picture this morning (’cause we were late)… therefore we got to take a picture of this afternoon’s snack… “Ca-ca’s”; one for each fist.

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Headed home…

On the way home today, while at various stop lights, I took a progression of pictures that made me giggle. What do you think?

Eating socks

See, I told you it was a sock...

And now for some tasty toes!

Proof that teething really must stink because she’s putting EVERYTHING in her mouth.

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Huppa Birfda Emmy!

Emmy & Grace

While today was not Emmy’s birthday (it’s tomorrow), the celebration was tonight. Grace got all bathed and came in to the living room with curly wet hair to impress Emmy’s guests with her antics. She danced and kicked, she rolled around, she grinned and hid and she of course, said “Huppa Birfda Emmy!” (with a little prompting from Mama). Everyone agreed that she was the cutest child they knew until Gracie started getting tired and needed to be whisked off to bed to have a story and some snuggles on her way to sleep. It was a wonderful birthday party by all accounts– hooray for many wonderful years of Emmy!

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On our way to Reidsville, Gracie and I practiced (and practiced and practiced) a new song. Here are the words (those of you from Camp Trinity will know them well ;), I think):
Mmmm-at went the Mr. Froggie
Mmmm-at went the lady froggie too
Mmmm-at went they both together
and their eyes went Wooo-Wooo-Wooo!
Mmmmwa* and they kissed each other
Mmmmwa* just like little froggies do
And he said “Goodbye”
and she said “Oh my! Mmmmm-at, I’m coming too!”

* Kissing noise
Grace, by iteration number 20-something, was able to sing along with Mmmmmm-at, “Goodbye”, Mmmmmwa and “I’m coming too” (or her version of that). Every time I stopped singing– “Mama, more, more!” We’ve got a girl who knows what she wants. And I’m about to call my camp friends for refreshers on camp songs… She’s also a big fan of “Have you ever been a fishin’ on a bright and sunny day” and I’m sure that many others will become family favorites soon… Yay for music and yay for a funny girl who loves to sing!

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2 hams

Hammin' it up

Grace and her Daddy share the tendency to ‘ham it up’ for the camera, as evidenced by this awesome shot.  A few mintues before, Grace was banging on the window and laughing at her Daddy’s funny faces, and as soon as the camera came out, she was all about saying ‘cheese’ for the camera.  So much for candid shots…

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Grace loves to play with Ms. Katina’s daughter, Kennedi.  Every time she walks by and sees her she says “Baby”?  This makes Ms. Katina smile and Ms. Katina will ask her to say it again, so she does, but it’s just so adorable, I had to share.  Here’s  a picture with the “baby” in question…

Making friends

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Ear goo– ewww!

This morning Grace woke up with ear goo.  The good news is that this means that her tubes are working.  The less good news is that it often indicates that we are likely to have an ear infection soon.  We’re hoping not, but bracing ourselves just in case.

In other news, today is Dr. Suess’ birthday, so everyone at daycare wore their pjs and read lots of fun stories like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and The Cat in the Hat.

In her jammies

In even better news, Gammie’s surgery went well and she’s back at home healing up!  Yippee!

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