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Not quite a happy camper

Today upon leaving daycare, Grace looked quite dejected. She hopped up on the daycare couch where she often looks out the front window for us and pouted. I’m not sure what she wanted, but she made it clear that she hadn’t gotten whatever it was.

However, upon coming home and eating dinner, she was back in a great mood, playing with her Daddy. Who wouldn’t be in a good mood with such a fun Daddy to play with? Even medicine time is fun with Daddy!

Yay for my Daddy!


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Scooby Dooby Doo

Erin’s mom, Vicki, gave me a Scooby Doo foam mask. (picture forthcoming) She knew that I was always a big fan (Scooby was always my favorite cartoon character.) In any case, while I’ve always liked the mask, I rarely had the opportunity to wear it — until now.

When Grace was younger, the mask seemed to scare her. After all, who indeed was this talking dog that sounds like Daddy? ….At this advanced age of maturity, she now giggles when Scooby appears. Visits seem to be pretty random. Sometimes it’s during diaper changes; sometimes it’s when she’s really fussy; and sometimes just because. Scooby, however, no longer operates in mystery. Whenever that talking dog enters the room, Grace smiles and giggles and immediately rushes towards him.

When Grace reaches Scooby, two things happen. First, knowing that it’s a Scooby Mask and not Scooby himself, she plucks the mask right off. (Television doggies always have outside obligations.) Usually she aims for the eyeballs to yank it off. After removal, she says, “Daddy!” with a confidence of discovery.

This morning was particularly funny. Erin was nursing her, and when she reached towards Scooby, he deliberately didn’t lean down for her to swipe the mask. She wasn’t going anywhere. She pointed, smiled, and softly said, “Daddy.” After she finished, she could then reach the mask. — and she put it on herself! 🙂

Fun with silly daddies and talking doggies.

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Big shoes to fill

Walking in Daddy's shoes

Grace has taken to trying on Daddy’s shoes after her bath. This was so cute last night, that I had to snap a picture. She loses her balance as soon as she tries to take a step, but hey, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? Here’s our girl, trying to fill her Daddy’s shoes.

(In case you were wondering, she’s handing him the packaging from some Gerber onesies– she wanted to show him the “baby”). She’s really on a baby kick just now… good thing Kennedi is around in the afternoons for Ms. Grace to play with! Also, it’s hard to discern which is “baby” and which is “beep-beep”, which she says when she sees a car or truck. So either she’s baby crazy or automotive crazy or some funny mixture of both…

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Church Nursery

Going shopping!

Today, as on most days when we go to church, Grace spent most of the service in the nursery, busily shopping or cooking or reading or doing something else fun, I’m sure. When we went to get her for communion, she was very talkative, asking for milk and once we’d had our wafer, she shared (again quite loudly) that she was “ALL DONE!“. We tried to encourage her to be quiet to last out the service, and she’d whisper back. Unfortunately, she kept coming back around to the loud reminders that she was, in fact, “ALL DONE.” Eventually, Grace won out, and we ducked out before the closing hymn. Hopefully God understands that the wrath of a hungry/tired toddler was something we — and the whole congregation — hope to avoid.

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Farmer's Market!

Today the Robinson family made our weekend trek to the farmer’s market. While there aren’t many of our favorite fruits and veggies, we did get some of our favorite mango spread and some locally grown strawberries. Grace looked and pointed at all other children in strollers, declaring them “babies”. She also made quite a show of throwing her Dora crocs at all opportunities. Fortunately, most people saw this as cute or endearing, because, let’s face it– how heavy can a croc the size of a tennis ball be?

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Grace’s memory is getting better, I think. At night when we say her prayers, I will sometime expand the section from “All my friends at daycare” to actually name each of those friends. So last night, we named all of her friends, and as she was on my shoulder, drifting off to sleep, she kept saying “AJ?”. She woke up this morning and asked about “AJ”– I’m sure that she likes all of her friends, but in this instance, he was the one who she was most concerned about seeing this morning. Not sure if that’s because they’ve been in the same classroom since they both started at Bright Horizons, or if it’s because his name is easy to say, or if it’s really that they’re best buds (maybe because he’s such an easygoing kid? But then, so is Landon….) In any case, it seems that Ms. Grace has a best friend, and his name is AJ.

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“No Ki-Ki”

One of Grace’s teachers, Kali (Kay-lee), lets the kids call her Ki-Ki because Kali is hard to say. Recently, when Grace hasn’t gotten her way, I’ve heard her on several occasions say “No, Ki-Ki”. At first, I heard it as “No cookie” and thought that she was bemoaning her lack of said treats. Today at daycare, Kali mentioned that all day long, when Grace was not getting her way, she’d say “No Ki-Ki”. Kali said that she’d tried to get Grace to say “Yes, Ki-Ki”, but no dice.

Upon my realizing what she was saying, I now understand her when she says, “No Ki-Ki” and “All done, Ki-Ki” as needed. Perhaps Kali should be flattered that she is important enough that at all times, Grace feels that it is important to keep Kali updated on her status. What a funny girl! 🙂

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