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Scooby Dooby Doo

Erin’s mom, Vicki, gave me a Scooby Doo foam mask. (picture forthcoming) She knew that I was always a big fan (Scooby was always my favorite cartoon character.) In any case, while I’ve always liked the mask, I rarely had the opportunity to wear it — until now.

When Grace was younger, the mask seemed to scare her. After all, who indeed was this talking dog that sounds like Daddy? ….At this advanced age of maturity, she now giggles when Scooby appears. Visits seem to be pretty random. Sometimes it’s during diaper changes; sometimes it’s when she’s really fussy; and sometimes just because. Scooby, however, no longer operates in mystery. Whenever that talking dog enters the room, Grace smiles and giggles and immediately rushes towards him.

When Grace reaches Scooby, two things happen. First, knowing that it’s a Scooby Mask and not Scooby himself, she plucks the mask right off. (Television doggies always have outside obligations.) Usually she aims for the eyeballs to yank it off. After removal, she says, “Daddy!” with a confidence of discovery.

This morning was particularly funny. Erin was nursing her, and when she reached towards Scooby, he deliberately didn’t lean down for her to swipe the mask. She wasn’t going anywhere. She pointed, smiled, and softly said, “Daddy.” After she finished, she could then reach the mask. — and she put it on herself! 🙂

Fun with silly daddies and talking doggies.

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