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Grace’s memory is getting better, I think. At night when we say her prayers, I will sometime expand the section from “All my friends at daycare” to actually name each of those friends. So last night, we named all of her friends, and as she was on my shoulder, drifting off to sleep, she kept saying “AJ?”. She woke up this morning and asked about “AJ”– I’m sure that she likes all of her friends, but in this instance, he was the one who she was most concerned about seeing this morning. Not sure if that’s because they’ve been in the same classroom since they both started at Bright Horizons, or if it’s because his name is easy to say, or if it’s really that they’re best buds (maybe because he’s such an easygoing kid? But then, so is Landon….) In any case, it seems that Ms. Grace has a best friend, and his name is AJ.

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