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A happy day!

Dr. Mama with Poe (Education building) in the background

Yesterday Grace got to celebrate with Mama and Daddy and Grandpa, because Mama successfully defended her dissertation! I know that Grace is grateful that Mama will have more time to play with her on the weekends! Here is a picture from the wonderful party that Mama’s friends and colleagues at work threw– Gracie wowed the crowd by showing off her belly button, her nose, eyes and ears. She greatly enjoyed the sparkling cider too, and as you can see was enjoying a cracker in the picture.

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Gone Fishin’

Goin' fishin'
Grace came into daycare really ready to play. She saw the fishing pole that Landon had and thought that fishing looked like fun and so picked up a pole for herself. I know that her family (at least the Peterson side) is delighted to know that she’s starting early.

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Getting Ready…

T – 1 day.

Erin has her defense on Tuesday 3/30. Greg has his fingers confidentially crossed. Now that Grace has found her own fingers (and those of others), she’s crossing/folding/eating her fingers as well!

Beyond eating fingers, she’s also eating pudding– here’s a picture from a 1st birthday party for Mabel who will be joining the toddler class very soon!

Pudding... yummy!

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Tonight right before bedtime, Grace noticed that Daddy was not where he usually is. She heard the TV coming from down the hallway and decided to check things out. She sat and watched ‘ball’ and even practiced ‘bounce-bounce’ on Mama to show that she understood what one does with a basketball. While she was excited to see Duke play, she was a little squirmy and had to be put to bed before the game was over, both because it was bedtime and because Mama wanted to see the rest of the game without Grace’s commentary. Thankfully, next Saturday’s game will be at 8:47 pm– well past Gracie’s bedtime.

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We headed back to the doctor today for Grace’s cough. The doctor says that her lungs sound great, but her ears look awful. Tubes are blocked up and she has a double ear infection despite being on antibiotics as recently as Thursday. I sense a call to the ENT — this doc even suggested that we might need to re-do the surgery. Poor Gracie, I didn’t even notice that she seemed uncomfortable (this is the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve taken her in for something completely different and had them say “Oh by the way, did you realize that she has a raging double ear infection?” — Ugh!

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AJ explains why *he* likes his hat

I’m not sure if other female readers had the same experience that I did in junior high. If you liked a boy, you couldn’t come out and tell him, so you mercilessly picked on him and took his stuff, which he was supposed to, of course, take as flirting. Now, I’m sure that Grace’s reasoning is not this advanced convoluted, but this morning, the first thing she did (after saying AJ’s name 100 times on the way into school) was to walk up to him and take the hat off of his head and put it on her head. Ms. Stephanie, being the clever caregiver that she is promptly solved the problem by finding hats for EVERYONE and giving Grace an alternative to AJ’s hat. While I’m sure that Grace was motivated by her limited understanding of the concept of ‘other people’s stuff’ as opposed to flirting, the whole thing made me have flashbacks to 7th grade.

Wearing AJ's hat

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Grace and Emonie look outside

Grace loves it outside. She loves to play in the sandbox and she loves to watch the landscapers at daycare “do their thing”. She loves to play with the lawnmower that her Grandpa gave her, and plans to help mow the lawn this weekend. In this photo, she was watching someone edge the sidewalk– a skill that we’ll teach her soon enough. 🙂

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