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This morning, as Erin and I were hastily attempting to get a squirmy little person ready for school, we had a new experience.  Grace went into the bathroom and found my big bottle of multivitamins.  Of course, this was pretty exciting for her for multiple reasons.  First, it belongs to Daddy.  Second, it’s round and fits very well in both hands.  Third — and most important — it shakes.  Apparently they do a lot of shaking at Day Care since she was VERY excited about making this noise.  (then I remembered that there’s something called a rattle).


A swift twist of the non-child-proof top sprinkled multivitamin capsules EVERYWHERE.  Frankly, I don’t know whose eyes were the widest, yet only one of us squealed with delight.

At first, we watched her step quite firmly and deliberately on these decorative inspirations.  After all, Grace methodically stomps on bubbles that settle to the floor.  I really snickered when Erin said, “Greg, remember that she likes to pick things up and put them back.”  Completely true.   Wonder where she inherited that from.

Nonetheless, Erin and I quickly started scooping and laughing.  Would have gotten a picture, but as I said, the three of us had to skedattle.  Somehow I expect that another photo op awaits us…

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