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Kissing Frogs

Grace must have heard from somewhere that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince.  I did not tell her this, although I do often think it…  In any case, she’s taken to eating her dinner with a frog on her tray, who she alternates between kisses and feeds.  It is SO cute, but the best part is that she’ll put food in the frog’s mouth, and then a few minutes later decide that the carrot or raisin or whatever that’s in there looks tasty and she’ll fish it right out.  Thank goodness for plastic frogs who don’t mind sharing and giving back their dinner.

Feeding her frog

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Grace felt very fortunate today to attend the grand opening of Tall Order music, complete with lots of fun new people and lots of (loud) music to enjoy and dance to!

She also made her first attempt at a knock-knock joke today.  No kidding.  She knocked on the tray of her food table and said ‘Knock-Knock’.  When I said who’s there, she said “Apple” (her current favorite word).  There was no punch line, but I think that we’re getting somewhere with the development of baby humor…. 🙂

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The Breakfast Club, only smaller, with less attitude

So Grace got to day care this morning to enjoy yet another lovely breakfast (Ms. Terry always makes such yummy treats!) and got to sit beside her friend Landon, and aside from attempting to try his muffin (they are exactly the same, but I guess when it’s in someone else’s bowl it tastes better?) she was very nice to him.  Maybe we’re moving out of the walk in to day care and assert oneself by smacking the nearest friend.  I hope so!

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My godmother is *so* silly!

Grace was delighted to see her Godmother Cynthia for dinner tonight.  She was also excited to see her favorite waiters at the Robinson’s favorite Mexican spot… they all know her and wave and talk and come visit if things are slow.  Yay for friendly people, yummy food and a fantastic godmother!

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Grace had the chair to herself today and took full advantage of the ‘cozy corner’ station.   What a goof!

Just kickin' it

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Asking for a hug

Gracie wasn’t quite ready for us to leave this morning as we were starting to make our goodbyes, so she followed us– asking for a hug.  Who can resist this cute face?  We had to go back and give one more hug and a few kisses.  (Does that make me a pushover?  Hope not!)


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A special birthday

Today is a special birthday that Grace will never get to celebrate.  This morning, as if she knew, she got out a soft photo block that her Aunt Cathy gave her which has lots of pictures of her family in it, and she pointed to the one of her grandmothers:

Grace's Grandmothers 5.22.2004

She then looked at me quizzically.  I told her Gammie’s name and then told her that the other was her Grandma Vicki.  She said “Nanny” and then went about her day.  Since I am quite convinced that her grandmother Vicki watches over her, today we picked out an outfit (given to us by Rene in NOLA– Thanks!) which had a little angel on it to remember Grandma Vicki.

An angel to watch over Grace

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