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Today started off well with pancakes that smile at you.  How can you have a bad day when your breakfast smiles back?  Thanks Gammie for sending such a fun pan!

Pancakes that smile back!

Eyeing her pancake before she takes another bite

After a tasty breakfast of pancakes and turkey bacon, we all bundled up to see what fun was going on outside.  We were very excited to see that several of our neighbors had sleds that they were sharing and everyone was taking turns going down the ‘hill’ in front of our house.  We tried two different sleds and Grace really enjoyed herself!

Trying out the first sled

We tried several sleds, but everyone’s favorite was the one that had a steering wheel and breaks– lots of control and safety, because despite the fact that our hill is tiny, you get going pretty fast (as evidenced by the fact that when I tried to take a picture of Greg and Grace after I helped them push off, they were well down the road by the time I got it snapped!  Because it was so far away, I’m posting the one I took when Grace and Daddy got off the sled.

Watching snow melt with Daddy

Back up the hill again!

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