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Today Mama and Grace are going to meet up with Cher, Julia and Julia’s daughter Amanda.  Mama’s excited to see her Goddaughter again and Grace is excited to see Cher again, who she hasn’t seen since Halloween!  One of the big highlights?  Grace will be using a cup (not a sippy cup) which is a new skill that we’re working on.  We’ve had some ups and downs at home, but we’re getting there.  Mama thinks that perhaps the downs at home are due to the little cups that we’re using.  At daycare they use Dixie cups, at home we have two baby cups (think the silver kind you get when the baby’s born) with handles.  Grace likes to turn the ones with handles over, but perhaps once we get some of the bathroom type Dixie cups, she’ll be less tempted to turn things upside down.  Ah, the joy of learning cause and effect!

Julia & Amanda and Mama & Grace

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