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As a child, I always heard the taunting chant “So, so, suck your toe, all the way to Mexico– while you’re there, brush your hair, don’t forget your underwear”.  I never really thought that anyone sucked their toes but today, I was proven wrong.  While bored in the back seat, Grace first chewed on her shoelaces, then took off her shoes, tried to wear her socks on her head, and then finally, began sucking her toes; her big toe to be exact.

Upon arriving home, I did not want to fight to put her shoes back on, so I grabbed up the booties made by my god-daughter’s grandmother, Linda.  They fit perfectly, and Grace didn’t try to pull these off, unlike every pair of socks I’ve put on in the past 6 months.  Yay for snuggly new house shoes!

Toe suckage

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